Monday, February 25, 2013

Locked In

So it happened. The day came when Kimble would lock me in his room.  We installed a locking door on his room about 6 months ago, because he wouldn't stay put when we put him down for nap.  We made the door lock from the outside.

With all of his door-locking tendencies lately, I knew this would happen.

We were both in his room, changing him and getting him dressed. I was looking for some pants for him, when he closed the door. "I locked it, momma!" he said with a grin.


I tested the door. I banged on it a bit.  I might have stomped my foot. "Kimble!  You locked us in!  There is nobody home but us!"

"That's ok, momma!" he said.  Well, no it wasn't.  I was expected at the school to pick up a sick Kolby. I was also about to mail three packages that needed outposted today, and I was going to deliver a purse to a KrinkleKut customer.  I was on a deadline and couldn't be locked in my 3yr old son's bedroom!

Plus, my phone was in the other room.  Even if I jumped out the window, I'd be locked out of my house because all the doors are locked.  They are always locked.

Anyway, I started looking around the room for something to jimmy the lock.  Luckily for me, this door lock wasn't like our other door locks, which take a lot of finagling (is that still a word?) and a special pointed and skinny tool to turn the lock.  With this lock, I just needed something flat like a penny, to slide in place and turn the lock.

Then I found it.  The flat disk-like shape that winds the music in Kimble's toy giraffe.  I tried it, and it opened.

Thank goodness.  It would have been a very long day until The Husband got home, and my poor school-age kids would have not been able to get in the house for hours! Locks.  I definitely need them, but I wish Kimble wouldn't use them so much!


Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

you need to "plant" a key in his room where he cannot get to it for days like today when he so proudly locks you both in. :)Glad you were not stuck in there for the day. That would not have been fun.

Jude said...

That's a great idea - planting a spare in his room. Once locked myself out of the house. My middle son was 2 or 3 at the time, and the whole time I was trying to smash the glass to get us in (DH was away for 3 days, so I had no choice) he was hysterical telling me he was going to tell his Daddy when he got home!!! LOL Ashamed to admit my response did involve some bad words that I really shouldn't have used in front of a toddler! :-D