Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ordinary Moment

This was just an ordinary moment in time, but it tells a few things. 

1. I had just gotten ready, and you can tell by the fact that I was dressed, that I was leaving the house.  Most days, when I know I'm home all day, I simply wear comfy pajama bottoms all day, but I always shower, do my hair and makeup, and look nice, even in jammies.

2.   My closet really needs to be cleaned and organized.

3.  Kimble is right next to me. He is always right next to me.

4. Kimble was brushing his teeth, as he likes to do.  We keep our toothbrushes in the same space, so he can brush his teeth with me every morning (and a few more times throughout the day).

5.  Kimble wasn't wearing a shirt. He hardly wears shirts (or pants) unless we are going out somewhere.  It seems we both are deficient in getting dressed unless we leave the house.

6.  My mirror needs to be washed, as you can see spots in front of Kimble's face, the result of a dirty mirror.

7.  I take a lot of pictures of Kimble and I.

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