Sunday, February 17, 2013

Park and Pizza

After Parent/Teacher conferences a week or so ago, I came home deflated and upset.  I walked back in the house, and the kids were all happy to see me.  I thought I'd better change my attitude, so they stayed happy. I announced  an impromptu outing.  Pizza and the Park!  They kids quickly got ready and off we went.
I love Kennedy's face in this picture. She was probably mid-bite, with a huge  amount of pizza in her mouth, but she looks content and satisfied with that closed smile on her face!
In reality, I really wanted to please this guy.  Kolby needs more love and happiness in his life, so he was my focus....and I think  I succeeded. He had a great afternoon.

This boy made me smile.  "See mom...XOXO. I love  you!"  What a sweet boy I have.

Kennedy could have played on the slide all afternoon. She had a great time.
So did Kimble. They went round and round, up and down.  Slides are great.

These two jumped off  the swings so many times I lost count.

It was a good thing to do, taking them to the park and surprising them with pizza.  I need to be "fun mom" more often.

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Jude said...

That looks like a lovely afternoon. I loved taking mine to the park - a great excuse to go on the swings and slide myself! :-) Jude.x