Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pinewood Derby

This is Keaton's last year to participate in the cubscout's pinewood derby.  He worked on his car completely independently of us.  He figured out what shape he wanted (flatbed truck) and he cut it out on his own. Then he sanded it and painted it and put on his wheels, all on his own.

Kolby had the same opportunity, but he didn't want to participate.  We gave him plenty of chances to work on it, but he simply had no interest. So when the time came for the derby, Keaton went (with dad and Kennedy to cheer him on) and I stayed home with Kolby (and Kamy and Kimble).  It was a decision Kolby made, and so we didn't pressure him.  There will be other opportunities for him to take pride in his work...he just wasn't at that point this year.

Keaton didn't win first place.  I think he said he came in second or third each race.  However, he had a great time in the process, and that's what matters.

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