Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I went to pick up two library books last weekend, and I have no idea where I put them.  One of them is Life of Pi and the other is a sugar-free gluten-free cookbook.

Kimble will now say "Momma, look at me. I pick my nose. Yum."  Gross.

The  Husband and I cleaned out the garage this weekend, and I found my box of "too small" clothes...and guess what?  They all fit!

I need a new camera.

I guess I should say, I want a new camera.

I got a heating blanket for my bed.  Best thing ever.

I just wrote a poem for a baby shower invitation.  I can make anything rhyme.

I've really come to love freshly ground almondbutter.

I think I need a vacation.

Kennedy has a little school play this week, and her part is about President Obama.  I cringe whenever she reads her part.

I haven't worked on my cookbook for two weeks. 

I have a gift certificate for a free massage, and I would rather give it away than use it. Not really a fan of massages.

Kimble has learned to stomp out of a room, when upset.  It's humorous.

Kennedy told me that she wants to me a fun mom when she grows up.  Then she said, "you should do that too, momma".

I have a friend on facebook who keeps posting about her dentist appointments.  With every post, I get a panic attack.

I want to do something for spring break, if only because we NEVER do anything for spring break.  But we'll probably do nothing and go nowhere, because that's all we ever do.

It's 4:44 pm and I'm totally ready for bed.  Need a second wind!


Adri said...

I don't really like massages either. By strangers. They are lovely coming from my hubby. But, next time we are together you should remind me to tell you a super funny story about a creepy massage...it will probably not make you want to keep your gift certificate. :)

courtney said...

When is your spring break?