Saturday, February 2, 2013


 We are in the process of figuring out which guns to buy, and so we have used the expertise of many of our local friends, to not only learn about the different guns, teach gun safety to our kids, but also to practice with a few different types of guns so we would know which one(s) we are comfortable with.  Or rather, I should say which one(s) I am comfortable with.  The Husband is fine with whatever we get, but our mutual concern is making sure I feel good about handling it, especially if a situation comes up where I have to act in a hurry to protect my family.
So after all that research, and all those lessons, it was time to practice with a few guns. Our friends took Heath and I out shooting, and it went really great.  I actually haven't used a gun since I was around 8 years or so, and went target shooting with my dad and his bb gun, so I wasn't sure how I'd  do, but I actually did really really well.  I'm a sharp shooter!
We shot at plates, empty soda cans, targets, and the old cars that were in the junkyard.  We used a few different guns and a few different rifles, all provided by our friends, and we helped supply the bullets. 
Our friends taught us (me) how to handle the guns, how to load and unload and aim and release the safety and everything else about gun use.  We felt very comfortable.  Knowledge is key!  So is practice!  So we practiced a lot.
We narrowed down the type of gun I'm comfortable with right now, and which guns I want to practice with some more.  Overall, it was a great day.  We both had a lot of fun, and it was great to practice and feel comfortable with guns.


Andi said...

You look like you could be a Charlie's Angel. Just so you know I read you often, I have left comments before but please don't get discouraged about writing and thinking no one is reading you. I use your recipes on the side bar often, the coconut chicken is my current fave, friends have asked me for that recipe many times. You are a very inspiring woman, please don't stop writing, you're awesome! ;-)

courtney said...

Whoever that Andi Girl is sounds like a great reader...she should read my blog too, just because it would be nice and not because I have cool things to say like my sister, Shaina!

But to the comment that I was going to write, That full body picture of you, Shaina, shows a rockin'bod! Those jeans you were wearing are great butt jeans, nice figure all around!!! Ya...shooting guns is cool too!

Renny's little things said...

I agree with your sister Great Butt in those jeans.....Well done on the figure

Cheers from Aus

I may just check out her blog!!!

Andi said...

Lol, funny that you say this, I actually do read one of your sisters blog, don't remember her name off hand but she has a little girl name Jayne, a son named Max, and another little boy...Charlie I think, she does a lot do sewing which was one of the reasons why I read her. What's your blog address, I'll add it to my read list ;-)

Andi said...

Oh and p.s. I'm a fan of the 9mm...pretty good "girl" gun as far as grip and such but it has the punch and power of a "guy" gun. Good luck in your choices.

shaina said...

That's awesome. I love my readers!! Your comments make me happy.

courtney said...

Ya Andi, that sister is Sharon, she is super talented, I come from a super talented family but you won't have your mind blown away reading my blog but here is my address anyways.

Thanks Shaina for letting me poach one of your readers! Not that I am taking her from you but perhaps a better word is Share.