Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sidekick Troubles

I usually don't have any issues when Mr. Kimble and I run errands.  He stays right by me.  He sometimes will watch netflix on my phone.  He plays with toy cars or helps me push the cart.  He loves going bye-bye with me, and gets so excited to ride in the car.  He loves to watch the sky for planes and see the mountains in the distance.  We make a good team.
Lately, though, it's been really hard to bring him with me and not get frustrated. He now wants to run away from me every chance he gets.  If I hold him, he flops his body and makes it hard for me to hold onto him. If I buckle him in the cart, he throws a fit. He isn't my happy-errand-running-companion anymore.
I know it's his age. He is curious and energetic and doesn't want to sit still.  He wants to run and jump off things and hide and be crazy.  He doesn't want his mom telling him what to do.
Oh, but this phase is exhausting to me.  The only consolation is that he still naps everyday.  I try to be mindful of the time of day that we are away from the house, and if it is close to his naptime, we come home.  On this day in particular, I gave Kimble the newly purchased box of goldfish, to keep him awake for the 15 minute drive home, because if he falls asleep in the car, he doesn't transfer to bed asleep anymore.  He wakes up and just like that, no more nap for him.  Well, the goldfish crackers didn't do their job. When I got home, I saw this.

He woke up when I was unbuckling him. 
I really really need him to take naps still!  The rest of the day he was a terror, full of grumpy energy.
Kimble, I hope you get through this phase quickly. I miss my sweet little sidekick.

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Jennsuewild said...

He such a cute little stinker. I miss the days I ran errands with Mr.Benny during the day. Now I run them by myself.