Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

Wednesday night we had a snow advisory from the weather stations.  A big snowstorm was rolling through.  We didn't think too much of it, believing that the snow would stay in the north part of the city, which is where the storms coming down over the mountains always move to.  We are south of it, and tend to get only a dusting of snow, while our neighbors up north get 5 inches.
So we were delighted to discover that not only was it snowing quite heavily, but it didn't look like it was stopping anytime soon. Plus, it was said with caution that our little area was going to get blasted the hardest.  That ended up being true!
After watching the snow fall for a few hours, it was time for the kids to go to bed.  They said their goodnights, hoping and praying for a snow day for school the next day.  I told them not to count on it, for the entire 2.2 years we've lived in this district, it hasn't closed or had a delay even once.  The whole city will be having a school closure, and we'll still be up and going to school like normal.  So, I didn't have any faith that they would cancel for snow.
Oh, but the snow was lovely and perfect and soft and fluffy and perfect tubing or sledding snow.  The Husband and I took a quick walk around the block to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  The snow was already about 5 inches deep.
I woke up around 3am, not being able to get back to sleep, and decided to check for school closures.  As I thought, almost ever district was closed, and to my surprise, our district was closed too!!  My kids got their wish.  A snow day.  Even better, many of the military bases and businesses were closed to "non-essential personnel" which meant that The Husband had a snow day too!  Hooray for everyone being able to stay home, safe and sound.
When the kids woke up, we told them, and they were thrilled.  I captured this sweet picture of Kennedy as she was watching with wonder the beautiful snow outside our window.

After breakfast of blueberry muffins and cereal, the kids got their chores done and then went to play outside.  Kamy and Kolby took turns shoveling our driveway, the sidewalk, and our neighbor's driveways, and then they all played in the backyard.  Kimble was so excited to go outside to play, for he hasn't ever really had the opportunity to play in snow.  I had The Husband take some pictures....which I will post as soon as I charge my camera!

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