Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trip to the ER

Last night, after dinner, I heard a crash.  Two kids fell down the stairs.  When I went to check, I saw that it was Kamy and Kimble.  They were both whimpering, but seemed ok.  Kamy came upstairs with Kimble and she explained that she was walking him down the stairs and had tripped.  She hung on to Kimble with one hand and the other arm skidded down the stairs.
She was hurting and holding her arm, so I took a look, and saw a huge bump.  Ouch.  Could it be broken?

None of my kids have ever broken a bone.  I was surprised that Kamy might be the first one, I figured it would be my adventurous Kolby or Kimble. I palpated the site, and it was extremely tender, but I didn't feel any bones jutting out. Kamy was starting to go into shock, poor thing, so I had her get comfortable on the couch, as The Husband and I discussed what to do.

We had no idea if it was broken. We didn't want to play it too safe, and not do anything, only to have it be badly broken.  On the other hand, if we took her in and it wasn't broken, then that is a long time to waste in the ER, not to mention the cost of the ER copay.

We decided to take her to the ER. Heath went with her and I stayed home with the kids.  It took about 5 hours in the ER, but finally they saw her, did an Xray, and determined that it was not broken, only a bad hematoma.  However, we were consoled by the fact that the doc said  it was good that we had brought her in to get checked. It definitely could have been broken.

Kamy was so glad it wasn't broke. She was worried about a cast and/or surgery and kids making fun of her at school.  They got home after 1am in the morning, and both she and The Husband took a "sick" day from their work/school to rest up from their long evening in the ER.


Jude said...

Oh no, Kamy! Hope you are feeling better soon. Jude.x

Patti S. said...

Oh my gosh - I thought that was a picture of Kamy's elbow - sheesh! Glad it's not broken, but it would have been a badge of honor: she was helping her little brother down the stairs, they tripped, and she protected her baby brother at the cost of her arm. Pretty impressive! Way to go, young lady!