Tuesday, March 12, 2013

13 Going on 30

I am now the mother of a teenager.  Miss Kamyren turned 13.  Lucky for me, she is not your average teenager.  At least, not yet, and I hope she doesn't change.  She is a lovely young lady who tried to help out as much as possible. She has a lot of responsibility at home, and always handles it with ease.

She is babysitting more for other families.  She is in concert choir at school. She likes to help cook.  She longs to be older.  For her birthday, she got two dresses, two cardigans, three camis, two shirts, 4 pairs of socks and a curling iron.  She was thrilled with her loot!

Kamy is just a few inches shorter than me, but she wears a bigger shoe size now.  I often catch her playing with my jewelry, or longing to wear my makeup.  She often compliments me on how I dress or how I look, eyeing my clothing and wanting to borrow it.  As flattered as I am with that, I tell her that my size is still much bigger than her size 0.  For now, though, I realize that her approval of how I look will probably change in the upcoming years!

For dinner she wanted Italian Mac & Cheese and for dessert, cherry pie.  We had planned to watch the movie 13 Going on 30 as well, but couldn't find it in our movie drawer.  I know we have it, so when we find it, we'll watch it together.  I love my sweet teenager!


Joolz said...

Parents with good family values will usually have good teenagers. She's lovely.


Jude said...

And what a very pretty teenager she is. Happy Birthday Kamyren; hope it's been a lovely birthday.

Heath said...

I love you so much my sweet Kamy and am so proud of you.