Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yesterday I hosted a Ladie's Boutique.  I organized it as a way for my friends and I to go through our closets and sell our clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories in a way that would benefit everyone.

Our items were in good quality, but weren't worn or used for whatever reason.  They were the wrong size, color, style, or we just didn't like it anymore.  Everyone priced their own items, with nothing being over 10 dollars.

Then, we shopped.  My living room was transformed into a large closet!  We bought each other's items and came home with new things for our wardrobe, plus we got money for the stuff other people bought from us!  It was a great idea, I just wish more people had come to shop! I still have a lot of stuff leftover.  However, I got enough money to get my haircut again, which is always a good thing.

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Courtney Heath said...

I wish I could have shopped there! I want to look stylish but have to keep it on a tight tight tiiiiggghhhhtttt budget!! Clothes under 10 dollars sounds good to me!