Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flower Belt

This week I needed a cute belt, but I didn't have one.  However, I saw one of my rolled flower headbands that I sell at the Farmer's Markets.  Although I've always told people that they can be worn as belts, I've never done it myself. Truth be told, I was probably a little thick around the middle to pull off the look before.  So anyway, I tried it on, and thought it looked totally cute!
I think I'm going to make some, specifically intended to be belts (so there isn't a tie in back) and sell them. What do you think?  I'll show you what I come up with next week.


Shannon said...

Adorable! I would totally buy one if my middle were as flat as yours!

Sue5007 said...

Ditto to Shannon.

Jude said...

Me three!! It's gorgeous. Jude.x