Friday, March 8, 2013

Heart Update

Kimble had his scheduled echo again.  It has been 6 months since he had a heart appointment, which was a cath/MRI up at The Children's Hospital.  At that time, his team of doctors had decided to postpone the surgery they were planning for, because Kimble's heart wasn't ready for it.  It needed time to grow more, and function better, and so the surgery was delayed.  They scheduled his next echocardiogram for six months out.  Six months!  That's the longest Kimble has ever gone between appointments.  It seemed forever.

I was anxious to find out if there were any changes to Kimble's heart growth, and what the plan was going to be for this year, surgical-wise.  So it was with excitement and nervous flutters, that Kimble and I headed off to his appointment.


First, we got settled in the room.  I selected the movie Cars for Kimble to watch.  He relaxed in the bed and waited for it to begin.  He's such a funny guy.

Kimble is use to the process.  He sits still, the technician does the ultrasound (whom we have almost every time and is very friendly and personable), and although it's hard to sit still for the 30 minutes or so that it takes, he usually does very good.

Sometimes I lie right next to him on the bed. Sometimes I sit at the foot or head of the bed to distract Kimble, if need be.  Other times, he does so well, that I sit in the corner and read a book!  This time, I did a bit of all three.

After the echo is done, it is sent to Dr. Brames to look over.  We go into an exam room where Kimble gets weighed, measured, and tested for blood pressure and pulse ox.  He also gets an EKG, and he likes to help remove all the stickers from his body, when it's over.

Then we play and dance in the exam room and read stories and he eats goldfish crackers, while we wait for the doctor to come in.  Finally, Dr. Brames comes in. He is great with Kimble, and plays games with him as he listens to his heart, lungs, and basically checks him out.

Then...we discuss the plan for Kimble.  It's good news!!  Stay tuned for the next post!

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Heath said...

I'm so proud of you my little Kimble.