Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kamy's Girlfriend Party

For Kamy's birthday, she requested to have an afternoon of fun with two of her girlfriends.  She wanted to go bowling and get ice cream afterward.  She enjoyed getting her hair curled, so she could be pretty for her outing.
We picked up her two girlfriends, Madeline and Brittany, and because it was snowing outside, we skipped the ice cream and just had lunch. Kamy chose Wendy's.

Then they put on their bowling shoes and began bowling!  They laughed and giggled through a few games, none of them doing very well, but they had  a great time. Plus, they had cosmic bowling going on, which makes it more fun!

I'm glad Kamy and her friends had a great afternoon together.  It was fun to watch from the sidelines.


Colleen said...

Kamy is such a lovely girl! I'm glad she had such a great day!

Heath said...

Your growing up so fast little girl. Love you Kam Kam.

Kadie Dahl said...

I never realized she and Maddie were around the same age! Holy cow they're getting old! Happy birthday Kamy!