Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pocket Pal Process

I like to take pictures, as I sew.  The creative process is fun to see.  Plus, I usually text pictures to my sister Sharon, for her critique, approval, or suggestions.
I just showed you pictures of the finished Pocket Pals, but here is how they were made.  I started with the original princess doll that I made Kennedy two years ago.  From that finished doll, I cut out an estimated pattern.  From right to left, you see how I adjusted each one.  The first one, with pink hair (I just choose random fabrics and pieces that are scraps...hence the pink hair), was too short and fat.  The next one had too much head length...and on and one it went until I felt like I got the proportions right.
Then I took the same type of measurements, and made a boy...only, I hated how it turned out.  I texted Sharon and told her I was giving up.  I couldn't get them to look cute.  She told me to keep on trying.  The cape looked all wrong, and when I penciled in the "mask", and took a picture, we realized that he looked like Harry Potter in a cloak.  He just needed...

...a lightning bolt scar!  Ha!  It IS Harry Potter!  So funny.

Well, I kept looking at the boy doll, and realized that his cape would look better without straps, so I pinned them back.  Plus, he needed a felt mask, not one that was stitched on.  So I pinned that in place too.  Ahhh, now he's looking better!

So with those changes, I made another superhero boy.  This one looked better, but what was funny about this next picture, is that they looked like Batman and Robin.

So, with the patterns good, I made a boy and girl doll, complete with stitched faces and flowers and capes.  Looking good!

So that is the process of how I create my patterns.

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courtney said...

Elvis also comes to mind.