Friday, March 1, 2013

The Facebook Edition: Feb 2013

Kimble leaned towards me in earnest and said "Mom. I hungry. I need meat!" (6:41am)

It's National Wear Red Day in honor of National Heart Month. We celebrate our little boy who has a very special heart.

Oh my aching butt muscles. Thank you kettlebell. Guess yesterday's workout was successful.

"No mustaches at the dinner table" Overheard The Husband saying to the boys. Ha! They had found my stash of 'staches!

Oh the questions my kids ask me. Keaton: "Mom, do you have a favorite child?"
I plead the 5th.

Kimble just hid his daddy's keys deep in the recesses of the couch. It's a good thing I walked by and heard the key-clatter of mischief and saw what he was doing or we never would have found them.

"...and why, may I ask, would you want to pay off your auto loan early?" asked the representative on the phone. "Because I have the money and wish to get out of debt." Duh.

I walked to my bedroom, to find it locked. After knocking, I hear a quiet voice from inside the room answer "Who is it? Is it momma?" I think his 'I'm hiding because it's naptime' routine has just reached a new level.

I think Kamy just broke her arm.

Results are in. Kamy's arm is NOT broken. They got home after 1AM last night and both Kamy and Heath are taking a sick day today. Thank you for everyone's concern last night!

Gee, thanks so much to all the school parties my kids attended today. They are so crazy on sugar right now that I'm about to call bedtime!

Kimble keeps locking my doors. My bedroom door, my bathroom door, the kid's bathroom door. The only problem is, it takes forever manipulating the misshapen paper clip to get the door unlocked. It seems like every time I turn around, he has another door locked. UGH!!

We sent the kids to bed and then we went outside to play in the snow. 5-6 inches, fluffy and perfect snow!

The Husband and the kids both have cancellations for school and work because of the snow day. Me? No break. This girl's gotta work! I'll be sewing as the kids are playing.

Today's weigh in brought up a few points to consider:
I weigh less than what my driver's license says.
I fit into clothes I haven't worn in 5 years.
I am 6 pounds away from the weight I was when I got married.
I've lost 15 pounds since Jan 1st, for a total of 33.6 pounds since I started losing weight (2 years ago).
16.4 more pounds to my goal.

I went into my room only to discover 3 kids in my bed. I walked into my bathroom to find Kamy in there. I searched through my sock drawer only to discover Kolby wearing my socks. Seriously. Where is my own space?

Kids number 2 through 5 in my house are now grounded for life. It's not pleasant around here today.

Keaton, asking with seriousness: "Mom, were you born in the 1800's?

"I know Mom. I know everything" said Kennedy, with an eyeroll.
I responded with an eyeroll myself.

Sometimes I don't stop at stop signs if they are in the middle of a parking lot. Sometimes I park in the "drop off only" space at the library, when I'm just running in to grab a book in my hold queue. Sometimes I pretend I'm asleep, when I'm not. Sometimes I don’t go to Sunday School.  Sometimes I don’t answer the phone, even when I’m staring at it while it’s ringing.  What are your "sometimes..."?

Kolby is reading a book titled "Always in trouble". Coincidence?



Jude said...

LOL "I need meat".... did he wake you to tell you that? :-)
My kids used to ask the other half what colour dinosaurs were, so I think you got away lightly with the 1800's!
And well done on the weight loss. I've started again in earnest.... I have a wedding to go to in LA in May!!! :-D (My youngest has been granted his Visa and is LA bound in the next couple of weeks!)
I love reading your monthly round up. There's always lots of somethings that make me giggle, a couple that makes me want to hug you all and always something that makes me wish I really knew you.

Yarni Gras! said...

I bought your cookbook several years ago and just popped in to see how the family was...this post is so cute, love it!