Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dare Graduation

Keaton is getting so excited to graduate from 5th grade and move onto middle school.  He, like every other 5th grader, went through a DARE program with our local Officer Dave. He was excited to attend the special graduation ceremony.
Kamy and I went with him, and we left the others at home with Dad, for we pick our battles regarding sitting still and watching quietly.

Keaton is such a good boy. It was fun to see him handle himself with the other kids around.  He fixed his hair "real nice" and kept getting compliments on it throughout the evening, especially from the long line of teachers that he shook hands with after receiving his certificate!

Monday, April 29, 2013


I have been interpreting for the deaf since my senior year of college...off and on.  I am not certified (I haven't tried), but I believe I do a great job, and more importantly, that thought is validated by those deaf individuals that I interpret for.  That being said, I know my limitations.  There is no way I'd go into a business meeting, a courtroom, a medical office, or a lawyers office, and think myself qualified to interpret.  I have had a few deaf friends over the years, as well as people I've interpreted for at church, and its' almost startling how often I have been asked to interpret (usually church meetings although I've had three or four actual interpreting jobs over the years, interpreting mostly in the school setting (preschool through college)).  Our religion has some pretty specific language that is unique to our church culture, and I feel more than adept at conveying the meaning accurately.

Lately I've been asked to interpret at a few church events, which were multiple hours long.  After somewhat of a hiatus, I felt I needed to freshen up on my skills.  I spent the next few weeks studying vocab and watching signing videos and asking some of my deaf friends to help me with some questions I had.   I try to sign as ASL (American Sign Language) as possible, and do my best in every situation that I'm called upon to interpret.  I consider it a spiritual gift, and am often astounded at what my hands are doing in front of me, and I feel rewarded when I watch the faces of those I'm interpreting for, seeing their clear understanding, and sometimes, I get those "ah-ha" moments from them.  It is then that I feel so happy that what I'm doing is beneficial.  

I love interpreting, but with that, I still feel inadequate every single time I do it.  Why?  Because I'm not certified. Because I could do with more immersion into the deaf world.  Because I can always be better.  Because I wish I could sign more, but don't always have as  many opportunities as I want.

So when I feel that sense of inadequacy, even with my years  of experience, I wonder why some people think that they can "interpret" with such limited vocabulary, knowledge, and capabilities.  This weekend I encountered some of this, as I watched two other people do a damaging job of interpreting a church meeting.  Along with the confusion that: people who have lost some hearing but don't know any sign language do not need or want a sign language interpreter and thus my skills were useless...I've been completely frustrated.

There is no answer here that I'm seeking for. I'm just venting some frustrations.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bubbles and Pockets

These two little ones really get along well.  I'm considering switching around all the bedrooms, and having them paired up together.  Whenever Kimble wants a bath, he says "Georgie! It bath time!" and they have fun with bubbles and swimming and deep water exploration.
Kimble has found more things to put into his undies, for they make really great pockets.  He also likes to carry around purses, so I think I need to make him a messenger bag.  I pinned one to pintrest last week, and think I should make it...when I get time!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Kamy likes to tag along, when I have markets.  She likes to help me, but mostly I think she likes to walk around and see what other people are selling.  At any rate, it's nice to have company.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Neverending Chores

I've been discussing this fact with The Husband, in that I just don't seem to have time to do housework like I use to, to the extent that I use to.  I always had a clean house.  More importantly, drawers and closets were always organized, toilets were scrubbed clean often, floors were mopped and laundry was kept up.
Now that my kids are older, and can (and do) help out with chores, my house seems to be more messy and chaotic than when they were little and I was the only one cleaning it.

I'm busier now, though.  It seems odd to say that, because I remember clearly the time I had four little kids at home, none of them old enough for school, but everything was always done and clean and organized.
Now all my spare time is spent working (sewing for the business) and I wish for simpler days.  I wish I could go back to the time where we earned a lot less, but had much less overhead (bills) as well.  Sometimes making more money means you need more money for everything that making money requires.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weather Craziness

It's been terrible spring weather around these parts.  For the entire month of April, we've had winter storm warnings and blizzards and wind advisories and cold temperatures.  Today, we finally had some beautiful weather, and I think it got above 70 degrees!  I was outside taking pictures of some things to list for Etsy, and Kennedy joined me. 

She walked over to our garden boxes and said "I wonder why my tomato plant hasn't grown!  Maybe it's because I haven't watered it...ever."  Then she walked into the house, filled a cup of water, and poured it over her dirt mound, which I'm assuming covers her tomato plant.  Think it'll grow?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Of Me

Here are some more randomite things to blog about me.
1.  I think I'm more witty and interesting in written word than I am publicly.  I still tend to get super insecure around people, even those I'm besties with.
2.  Most of the pictures on my blog now, are from my phone camera.  My regular camera is having issues with black spots.  Is it a lens issue that I can fix by simply replacing the lens? I don't know.  Thus, you get instagram pictures.
3.  I love L.O.V.E. water.  Almost equally, I love pretty water bottles.  Just got this one. It's long and lean...just like I wish I was.
4.  I love watching Survivor, and have since the very first season.  Last week's episode was beyond awesome. I'm so glad that our little antenna wire allows us to get local channels.  I love me some Survivor.
5.  I have about a dozen books on my wishlist on Amazon, to download to my Kindle when I get the opportunity to read. I'm hoping I'll be able to read them this summer, on our roadtrip...but then, I get carsick if I read, so I'll probably have to wait even longer.  Sad.
6.  I always have my toenails painted, but never my fingernails.
7.  I use a weekly deep conditioning treatment as my daily conditioner.  Super dry hair, I have.  It helps a lot.
8.  I shower and blowdry my hair everyday. I put on makeup everyday.  However, the extent that I do both depends on if I'm leaving the house that day.  On those days, I take extra care in how I look.  On this day, I took a picture and felt somewhat sassy.  I've been trying to do smoky eyes better, and think I'm succeeding.  Now I need to figure out how to do that curl thing to my hair that my hairstylist did last month.

9.  The number 9 reminded me that I normally am in bed and asleep by 9pm every night.  My poor husband.  His wife is always so tired.
10.  I really like having chickens.  I think they are pretty much the perfect pet.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh Kimble

Things that Kimble loves right now.
1.  He loves to take a bath, but usually doesn't last very long in it.  He doesn't like to have his hair washed, but loves to help "washa washa" his body.  He likes to invite all of his toys, trains, cars, and blankets to accompany him into his bath.
2.  We made up a potty song that we sing whenever we take Kimble potty.  It delicately suggests how he can push the poo-poos out and if he goes in the potty, he'll get big treats. Kimble likes to sing along, and add a jazzy "yeah" at the end of the song.  Well, Kimble is finally starting to poop in the potty, and therefore, we must do as the song says, and give him big treats.  Today, he helped me make cookies.

3.  Kimble loves to say "Take a picture, mommy", but when I get the camera set up, and tell him to smile, he gives me every other facial expression except for a smile.

4.  He is in the "clothing optional" phase, and rarely wears anything besides undies (I still call them panties, and so does Kimble, which I love.) unless we go out of the house.  So, he has a dilemma, because he really likes to use pockets to hold (or loop through) his treasures, such as his toy cars, quarters, or his wand.  I caught him holding his wand through his undies, and laughed.  He is so funny.

5.  Running errands is difficult, as Kimble takes the term "running" literally, and likes to escape the cart, or my arms, and high-tail it down the aisles.  Boy, he's a fast one!  So, I found this big sucker for 50 cents, and bought it for him.  He was super content to sit in the cart, licking his sucker.  He didn't try to escape once.   Best 50 cents ever spent.

6.  Above anything else, Kimble prefers to be naked.  Also, he loves to watch Netflix on the kindle.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Flowers For Kamy

Kamy is developing into a lovely young lady. We are super proud of her and her sweet disposition.  The Husband brought her flowers this week, and she was so pleased with them.  It was a thoughtful thing for him to do, and I'm glad that they have a great relationship.
Kamy had a school play this week, and a big choir competition.  She did great with both.  I'm a lucky mom, to have such a great daughter.

We  finally got to watch 13 going on 30 (intended for her birthday last month, but we had a hard time finding our movie, and ended up just borrowing it instead.)  She is growing up!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Cultural Event

For the past few months, The Husband and I have been on a church committee, to put together a Cultural Event that bridges the gap between pioneers and modern-day church members.  As a result, we were both put to work.  I was asked to interpret ASL (sign  language) for the deaf who would be attending, and Heath was asked to sing 7 verses of a hymn, acapella, throughout the program.  Also, we helped write the script and put everything together.  It was a lot of work, but we had a good time.  Plus, we became fast friends with another couple (pictured on the opposite end of where The Husband is standing, in the picture...I was not there yet, at the time of the picture) and we have enjoyed having our families get together many times since we first met.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Literally Speaking

Kennedy has been drawing some fabulous designs lately.  This one shows some pretty funky shoes, and was left innocently on the kitchen table, after she was sent to bed.

She drew this next picture for me, and included a decorative button to make it more special.   The amount of LOVES she wrote makes me smile every time I see it, and I love how each LOVE is accompanied with a heart.  It makes me happy to get little notes and drawings, and my kids know this about me.  It always brightens my day.

She wrote another little note, which I didn't get a picture of.  It said "I love you mom. I lideraly (literally) love you."  She is so funny with how often she uses  that word "literally".  "Mom, I need to find my shoes...literally."  "Mom, did you just literally drink some water?"  "Uh, I have to go potty...literally."  She is a funny girl.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happiness In Progress

We've really been working on positive reinforcement with Kolby.  It's something we figured out long ago: Kolby does much better, with his attitude, if he is praised for even the smallest achievements.  He is such a completely different boy when he is happy.
He has noticed our focus towards happiness and positivity, and has been reacting in like manner.  He happily (sometimes) does his chores and plays with his siblings. He takes turns better and he is starting to understand his triggers.
He even spent some time (willingly) reading a book. Mindboggling.
I hope this Kolby likes sticking around.  He's pretty cool.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday I had to take Keaton, Kolby, and Kennedy back to the dentist for some followup work.  I had previously arranged for a friend to watch Kimble, so that I didn't have a repeat of "waiting room chaos" like we had prior.

Two days before, my friend had to cancel, and couldn't watch Kimble anymore because her boys were sick.  I advertised for another friend to watch Kimble, and found one.  All was set.

At 7am, the five of us left the house.  I drove Keaton to his garbage route, to make sure it got done before we left (see picture) and then we headed to my friend's house to drop off Kimble.

At 7:20am, Kimble and I knocked on my friend's door.  She opened up the door and welcomed us in with a smile.  I left Kimble's carseat (just in case she needed to go anywhere) and removed Kimble's shoes. I explained a bit about how he needs to be taken potty, he has a sandwich in his backpack for breakfast (he like turkey and mayo for breakfast...go figure) and that he has a change of clothes should accidents happen.  I explained that I should be back before 11am, and that I'd text her updates on that timeline.
Through all of this, she smiled and commented when appropriate, and then waved me goodbye as I left Kimble and drove off.
I got 10 minutes down the road (the dentist was another 20 minutes north) and about smacked my head with my own stupidity.  I had just dropped Kimble off at the wrong friend's house!!  She wasn't supposed to watch Kimble at all.  It was another friend just down the street from her, that said she would watch Kimble.
I quickly called her.  She pleasantly answered "Hello".  I replied "I can't believe I just did that!  You aren't supposed to be watching Kimble! I dropped him off at your house instead of Amy's!  Why didn't you say anything?"
She said she figured she must have been the one to make the mistake, and happily took Kimble.  Can you believe it? What a great friend.  Did I mention that it was just after 7am?  I felt like  such an idiot.  Meanwhile, my other friend, Amy, was probably sitting by her front door, waiting for me to drop off Kimble.
So as soon as Kimble finished his sandwich, she walked him down and deposited him to the right friend's house, to play until we were done at the dentist.
I'm an idiot.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doing The Polka (Dot)

Kimble.  Poor Kimble.  He looked up from long minutes of being entertained by goodies in my purse, to see that he was sandwiched between two mountains of polkadots.  He wasn't quite  sure what to do with himself.  "Momma, I stuck!"
Besides all the regular items that I make and sell, I needed another vendor/craft apron.  I created this style, with four big pockets across the front, and lots of ruffles and ridges.  Plus, it's owl fabric.  I love it!   People always ask about my apron, and now I'm starting to sell them too.
I have so many ideas for products, and not enough time. I think I need four hands to accomplish all I want to do.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poop Happens

I've been potty training Kimble for a while now.  Almost a month.  During that time, Kimble learned quickly how to pee in the potty, but he didn't grasp onto the same concept when it came to poop.  This frustrated me beyond belief.
I know how to potty train kids. I take a bit of pride in always being able to offer advice to other moms to get their kids to quickly become potty trained.  This time, however, I had exhausted all of my efforts, when it came to teaching Kimble to poop in the toilet.
He would poop in his pants, in the corner, outside on the trampoline, on the couch, in the bath, on the floor of his room...but he wouldn't poop in the toilet.
I tried every trick in the book. I offered every reward I could think of.  I showed him what to do. I explained everything.  I gave punishments for the messes he would make. Nothing phased him.  He even had to sit on the potty, in the corner, for a long time, after pooping in his pants.
Well, nothing I did changed anything, but still we tried.  I would sit with him for half the morning, next to him as he was on the toilet.  We'd read stories and sing songs and I even made up some great "poopy tunes" to get him to do it. He held strong, and wouldn't poop. Then after getting up and moving on with my responsibilities, I'd discover that Kimble would have just pooped in his pants.  Arg!!
F.I.N.A.L.L.Y...yesterday we had success!  Kimble pooped in the potty!!!

You have no idea how happy I am to have finally crossed over that mountain.  Now we can move on...and hopefully I'll not have to make any more posts about poop and pee!!
We took this picture in post-poop-in-the-toilet-happiness, and I love the look on Kimble's face. Pride!  Yeah baby! You did it!!  I, however, look like I'm 13 years old.  Although I don't mind looking young, I don't want to look pre-pubescent!  Ha!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cute Suit

Mr. Kimble got a new church outfit this week!  I found it on clearance for $4.50.   He was very proud to be wearing it on Sunday.  What a cutie!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not Such A Peaceful Rest

Last night I just didn't sleep well.  I couldn't tell you why, I just tossed and turned all night, not really feeling comfortable. The mattress felt hard and I woke up with a stiff back.
Later in the day, I was picking up a few things around the perimeter of the bed, and I noticed three things sticking out, nestled snugly between the mattress and the box spring.  Three of Kimble's trains were sleeping.
I pulled them out to show The Husband, and he replied "Maybe that's why you didn't sleep well last night.  Sorta like Princess and the Pea...only with trains."
Do you think there could be a story written, titled "Momma and the Locomotive"?  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sentences To Build A Blog Post On

There is an empty space on our bedroom wall where The Husband's road bike staked claim; it is now sold.

My wedding ring is practically falling off my finger most days; perhaps I should have it resized.

I'm washing our bedding today and I'm practically giddy for bedtime; I love clean and fresh bedding.

Somehow my purse got locked in our van yesterday, as it sat in our garage, so The Husband came home early to unlock it, then we couldn't find my keys in my purse, only to discover them on the floor of our bedroom; Guess I didn't really lock the keys in the van afterall.

Keaton came home from school yesterday and said "Mom, we gotta talk about puberty!  I'm going through it NOW!", then he showed me some deodorant and emphasized that he needed to use that everyday, now that he was becoming a man; 5th grade puberty lesson went well.

We are trying out some new food storage products, namely freeze-dried meats, peanut butter, fruits, and eggs; all are Honeyville products and of the ones we tasted, they are fabulous.

After years of not interpreting (sign language), I was suddenly called upon to use it last week at church; I was totally unprepared, mentally, but got into the groove pretty quickly.

My sister had a baby recently; I'm desperate for newborn love.

My hair is too long to feel cute and too short to pull back; constantly annoyed with it but desperate to grow it out.

I have a kindle (my Christmas present) and I finally downloaded a book to read for pleasure; it seems I'm too busy to read.

The  Husband's job is in jeopardy of the government sequestration that is going on right now; looks like we'll need to find some supplemental jobs rather soon.

In lieu of the prior sentence, I'd really love to find some writing job; in lieu of the previous sentence before the prior sentence, I'm too busy to look.

Potty training is complete; poop training is deficient.

I hate my eyebrows; that's all.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Boys Not Allowed

It's too bad that Kennedy shares a room with Keaton, because by definition, he is a boy, and she is a girl, and if she is trying to keep boys (boees) out of her room, she is in for a disappointing realization.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


It was 99 cent day at YoYogurt.  For just two short hours, in celebration of their two year grand opening, YoYogurt offered a container of self-filled yogurt and toppings for just 99 cents. 
My kids were in sugar heaven.
Every once in a while, I like to turn off the "evil mom" act and turn on the "amazingly-awesome-most-loved-and-full-of-smiles" mom.  Keaton said "Mom, I can't believe you are taking us here.  You are being so nice to us!"
It was totally worth the six dollar price tag.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

(NOT) A Hole In One

My kids have been in a state of disrepair for months.  At the beginning of the school year, I bought them each 4 pairs of pants.  All of them, within months, had holes in the knees.  Big, giant, terrible-looking holes that made the kids look unkept and dingy.  I hated it, but was more frustrated with how quickly their pants get holes in them, and didn't want to buy more jeans only to turn around a few weeks later and see them ruined.  So they kept wearing them.

Soon, all the kids were down to one pair of  jeans, which they wore everyday.  I had enough.  I bought them each two pairs of jeans (most were on clearance, hallelujah) to ride out the rest of the school year. 

This morning, they all wore their new jeans to school, and it was such a vision of excellence, to see perfect jeans, unripped and unholey.

Who wants to place bets on how long it'll be before I see the first hole?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wind Day

We got a blizzard advisory for last night, warning everyone of the big storm that would include high winds.  About 6pm last night, we felt a change in the weather and could see the storm rolling in.  All night long, the winds got worse and worse and I felt, at times, like how Dorothy felt in the tornado-blown house.  I had  a very difficult time sleeping, and kept checking outside to make sure our entire world hadn't  blown away.
I checked on our chickens and on our trampoline, sure that one or both would blow away.  Early in the morning, we saw that the wind had indeed moved our trampoline all the way across our yard, and wedged it between our corner tree and the basketball hoop.
I'm glad it didn't lift it up over the fence.  We've seen wayward trampolines on roads and empty fields, after windstorms, and we didn't want to lose ours the same way!
All the schools in the area ended up having a "snow day" because of the danger of the winds, which continued throughout the morning and then tapered down for the rest of the day.  The kids spent the day playing nicely and having competitions on the wii.  It was our 2nd snow day this year, and kind of nice to have.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Homework Time

I asked Kolby to do his homework today, and when I went to check on him, I saw him working at the little desk, trying hard to complete his task.  It was such a change from his normal homework behavior, that I sorta gasped. Then I praised him for his good behavior.
Kolby wants to do good. He wants to please people.  He wants to be smart academically.  It's such a challenge for him. To show a snippet of his math assignment, he was supposed to explain the difference between a perimeter and area.  He wrote "To (two) different things".   He knows they are not the same thing, but he doesn't explain why...which is what the question is asking.  You could also look at how he writes the word square, which is shown directly above the space that he needs to write it.  He writes it as skuar.  The same for units, it becomes unets.  These may seem just to be spelling errors and simplicity with answers, but it goes far beyond that with Kolby.  It's like he is incapable of explaining himself on paper, or copying the spelling of a word.

I appreciate the comments on the IEP post a few days back.  I've looked into the suggestions made, and we'll continue to try to find out what Kolby needs.  I'm happy to say that we received word back from the University, and Kolby should be able to be tested  for various learning disabilities in June.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Logo!

Last summer, one of my customers liked my products so much, that she asked me if she could design a logo for me, as part of her graduate work.  I readily agreed.  We discussed my business a bit, the items I sell, and how I got started making/selling my products.   Through this process we became friends, and she is such an awesome person! 
Then she came back with this logo for me.  I love it!  It's fun and flirty and trendy  and I'm so excited to finally make some business cards with the image!  (I needed to wait until I used up all my old business cards before I ordered more!)
Today I uploaded the logo to Vistaprint, where I print all my business cards, and I designed the rest of the cards. I'm also in the middle of ordering some sew-in labels (with the same logo) to use on all my products.  So exciting! What do you think?  (KrinkleKut)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Owl Rag Blanket

This week I made a corduroy owl rag blanket in pinks/blues/navy colors.  It was a custom order through Etsy, and I love how it turned out.  The order was placed after she followed a link on Pintrest back to me.  How fun is that? I love doing custom orders! (Pictures show the quilt as I laid it out, before it was sewn, and after it was sewn, clipped, and washed.)

Friday, April 5, 2013


Today was the day that we initialized Kolby's IEP. Frankly, I don't know why we didn't  have one for him much earlier than now.  However, I'm glad that it's in place and we can do what's best for Kolby.

His teachers and the other staff really understand Kolby, in how they described his behavior, actions, accountability, frustrations, and desire (or lack of) to accomplish school work.  We also discussed and tried  to figure out what specific learning disabilities he has.  I've suggested for years  that I think he has dyslexia, and maybe some other disabilities.  Unfortunately, we can't have that tested through the school.

So we have a few options to explore, to get Kolby tested for various learning disabilities.  I really hope we are able to find some answers and ways to help Kolby.  He just seems so lost, academically. He struggles so much. There is something missing that keeps him from displaying the information from his brain to his written work.  Then he gets so frustrated and feels such failure, that he doesn't even want to try.  This isn't only hard on Kolby, but on everyone who is trying to help him.

Even though today was a very difficult today for me, because I felt such personal failure at every single thing that was mentioned, I know that we are all working hard for Kolby.  I hope that someday, he can see how much we are trying, and appreciate it.  Right now, he just sees a lack of free will, annoyance at authority, and feeling like he is terribly mistreated.  That probably makes him a normal kid, right?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Think Sheet

On Monday, Keaton came home from school and sadly handed me a Think Sheet.  This means that he was needing disciplinary action in the classroom, which is quite out of the ordinary for Keaton.  I said "Really, Keaton?  What happened?"  He had me read what the note said.  "I screamed and pounded the teacher's desk when I found out I had to do a makeup on TCAP."  Although I knew how much he hated the testing week they had just gotten done with, there was absolutely no reason why he should have displayed such behavior!

Then he turned the note over.  April Fools.

I should have known Keaton wouldn't have done that!  He got me.  April Fools!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Facebook Edition: March 2013

Heath saw a news report last night that stated that women weigh more now than they did 50 years ago because they do less vacuuming and laundry. So not only did it state that women were fat, but that they were lazy too. I'm sure a man wrote the article

Kimble asked me "Where are you going, momma?" I replied "nowhere". He said "I want to go nowhere!" Poor baby doesn't understand that 'nowhere' means we are staying home.

The kids have call-signs, to use with their walkie-talkies. Short stuff, Bacon, Blueberry, Porkchop, and Chewy. Any guesses as to who is who?

Kimble's echocardiogram went great! His heart continues to grow and adapt and is currently functioning wonderfully. We will schedule another Cath/MRI in June and re-visit the option to reverse The Glen (the re-routing of half his bloodflow to bypass the heart that he had when he was 7 months old) and have his heart function the same way yours and mine does. We'll see what the year brings!

Everytime Kimble drops a toy, he says "woopsiedaisy". I could listen to that forever. So sweet.

It's bad enough when you go to the bathroom and realize, too late, that you are out of toilet paper. It's even worse when you forgot to replace the toilet paper, and you find yourself in the same predicament again.

Heath said he wanted to come home today after work and clean the bathrooms. The love meter definitely spiked!

I tried to re-create the hairstyle from yesterday. Epic fail. So much so, that I had to re-wash my hair and dry it again. Dang.

It’s 10:18 am, and even with Kimble trying to wake up the kids (he woke us up at 7am) and the smoke detectors going off because of bacon being cooked, the kids are still downstairs sleeping soundly. First day of spring break.

Our piano just played a few menacing chords all on its own. There must be a musically haunting ghost sharing the room with me.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dentist Overload

Kimble had his first dentist appointment  today.  All of the kids had an appointment, actually.  I grouped them all together for this appointment, months ago, because if I take one, I take them all.  It's just easier that way.
However, they saved Kimble's time until the end, after we'd already been there two hours. It wasn't much fun, let me tell you, to keep up his enthusiasm.  In the beginning, he was happy and telling everyone "I'm Kimble!" and showing the workers his teeth, but by the time he was called back, he  was hungry and tired  and bored and frustrated...and so was I. 
He opened his mouth for about 20 seconds (about as long as it took me to take this picture), and then after that, he wouldn't have anything to do with the dentist, the assistants, the chair, the toothbrush, the light or the sunglasses or the fun swivel chairs. He was done!  Then, we had to wait another 25 minutes for the doctor to come in, and when she finally waltzed in, Kimble was throwing a little tantrum because I wouldn't let him jump off the reclining chair.   The dentist asked "What's wrong with him?" and I had to really bite my tongue not to tell her all the reasons why my three-year-old wasn't having a great time at the dentist, which was completely their fault.  Ugh.
So it looks  like he might have a cavity, but they couldn't check it out because he clamped his jaw shut and wouldn't open his mouth for any amount of bribing.  Kamy has gingivitis.  Kolby and Kennedy both have multiple fillings, and Keaton has to get a tooth pulled (or get a root canal, so we opted to have it pulled since it's a baby tooth). It was hard enough for me to keep control of my anxiety, let alone be a responsible mom during the process.  I'm hyperventilating just writing this post, not to mention the cost of what's to come.  Not good at all.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dollar Store Glasses

It's funny to me, how much Kennedy wants to wear glasses.  She's my only child to find and wear fake glasses, at least for any prolonged period of time.  Pretty much throughout all of spring break last week, Kennedy wore these retro-shaped green speckled glasses.  They don't have lenses, but she swore she could see better.  I just hope that if the time comes that she needs to wear glasses, she'll be just as eager to where the real ones, as she is to wear these fake ones.
Oh, and maybe it's the glasses, but oh boy does she look all grown up suddenly!!