Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dentist Overload

Kimble had his first dentist appointment  today.  All of the kids had an appointment, actually.  I grouped them all together for this appointment, months ago, because if I take one, I take them all.  It's just easier that way.
However, they saved Kimble's time until the end, after we'd already been there two hours. It wasn't much fun, let me tell you, to keep up his enthusiasm.  In the beginning, he was happy and telling everyone "I'm Kimble!" and showing the workers his teeth, but by the time he was called back, he  was hungry and tired  and bored and frustrated...and so was I. 
He opened his mouth for about 20 seconds (about as long as it took me to take this picture), and then after that, he wouldn't have anything to do with the dentist, the assistants, the chair, the toothbrush, the light or the sunglasses or the fun swivel chairs. He was done!  Then, we had to wait another 25 minutes for the doctor to come in, and when she finally waltzed in, Kimble was throwing a little tantrum because I wouldn't let him jump off the reclining chair.   The dentist asked "What's wrong with him?" and I had to really bite my tongue not to tell her all the reasons why my three-year-old wasn't having a great time at the dentist, which was completely their fault.  Ugh.
So it looks  like he might have a cavity, but they couldn't check it out because he clamped his jaw shut and wouldn't open his mouth for any amount of bribing.  Kamy has gingivitis.  Kolby and Kennedy both have multiple fillings, and Keaton has to get a tooth pulled (or get a root canal, so we opted to have it pulled since it's a baby tooth). It was hard enough for me to keep control of my anxiety, let alone be a responsible mom during the process.  I'm hyperventilating just writing this post, not to mention the cost of what's to come.  Not good at all.


Elisabeth Rose said...

Oh my, that is SO MY LIFE, too! I have 5 and usually do this stuff together and always cause myself anxiety over it!! I actually took my 2 year old to the dentist this morning and he was PERFECT, but that was a first!! I can understand how you feel! Let me say, I never thought my oldest (17) would be able to get his wisdom teeth out- he is a total chicken- 2 words for you- Nitrous Oxide- worked wonders!!!! He handled it all more maturely than I thought he could. Have a great day!!

Colleen said...

DANG! What were they thinking having Kimble go last? And UG. Sorry for the outcome. It seems we have shifts where one visit all is well and the next all is disaster.

Jude said...

Poor Kimble! Poor you! Our dentist always used to ask me which order to do the children... sometimes it was eldest first, sometimes youngest and sometimes we'd mix it all up! :-) I think you did really well "biting your tongue" I'd have been sitting on my hands so I didn't smack her one! LOL Jude.x