Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doing The Polka (Dot)

Kimble.  Poor Kimble.  He looked up from long minutes of being entertained by goodies in my purse, to see that he was sandwiched between two mountains of polkadots.  He wasn't quite  sure what to do with himself.  "Momma, I stuck!"
Besides all the regular items that I make and sell, I needed another vendor/craft apron.  I created this style, with four big pockets across the front, and lots of ruffles and ridges.  Plus, it's owl fabric.  I love it!   People always ask about my apron, and now I'm starting to sell them too.
I have so many ideas for products, and not enough time. I think I need four hands to accomplish all I want to do.


Adri said...

Cute apron!

I need to get polka dot fabric for my new baby's quilt. Where did you find all this?

Becky said...

very cute apron! You are so creative.