Friday, April 19, 2013

Happiness In Progress

We've really been working on positive reinforcement with Kolby.  It's something we figured out long ago: Kolby does much better, with his attitude, if he is praised for even the smallest achievements.  He is such a completely different boy when he is happy.
He has noticed our focus towards happiness and positivity, and has been reacting in like manner.  He happily (sometimes) does his chores and plays with his siblings. He takes turns better and he is starting to understand his triggers.
He even spent some time (willingly) reading a book. Mindboggling.
I hope this Kolby likes sticking around.  He's pretty cool.


Joolz said...

It's great to see Kolby doing well. As far as reading goes, it helps if the book is of interest to the child. Most school readers are pretty generic, not gender specific and quite boring. What does he like? Baseball, football, robots, dinosaurs? Maybe a trip to the book store or a talk with his teacher, who can help with choice of readers, might be a idea. Great to see him reading that book!

Shannon said...

So glad to hear of your successes! I should try this with my kids. Keep it up!