Monday, April 8, 2013

Homework Time

I asked Kolby to do his homework today, and when I went to check on him, I saw him working at the little desk, trying hard to complete his task.  It was such a change from his normal homework behavior, that I sorta gasped. Then I praised him for his good behavior.
Kolby wants to do good. He wants to please people.  He wants to be smart academically.  It's such a challenge for him. To show a snippet of his math assignment, he was supposed to explain the difference between a perimeter and area.  He wrote "To (two) different things".   He knows they are not the same thing, but he doesn't explain why...which is what the question is asking.  You could also look at how he writes the word square, which is shown directly above the space that he needs to write it.  He writes it as skuar.  The same for units, it becomes unets.  These may seem just to be spelling errors and simplicity with answers, but it goes far beyond that with Kolby.  It's like he is incapable of explaining himself on paper, or copying the spelling of a word.

I appreciate the comments on the IEP post a few days back.  I've looked into the suggestions made, and we'll continue to try to find out what Kolby needs.  I'm happy to say that we received word back from the University, and Kolby should be able to be tested  for various learning disabilities in June.


Jude said...

Aw, bless him. He looks like he's concentrating so hard. Keep up the good work Kolby.
Hope the testing helps and that someone can find a way forward for him.

courtney said...

Good sweet boy, having Kenzie go through these problems makes me even more sympathetic towards struggling kids!

Joolz said...

Yeah, at least he is having a go. Poor kid. I am glad you have the ball rolling for him to get an assessment and testing done. I'm sure you'll find the answer and get him the help he needs to be the best he can be.

Cheers - Joolz