Friday, April 5, 2013


Today was the day that we initialized Kolby's IEP. Frankly, I don't know why we didn't  have one for him much earlier than now.  However, I'm glad that it's in place and we can do what's best for Kolby.

His teachers and the other staff really understand Kolby, in how they described his behavior, actions, accountability, frustrations, and desire (or lack of) to accomplish school work.  We also discussed and tried  to figure out what specific learning disabilities he has.  I've suggested for years  that I think he has dyslexia, and maybe some other disabilities.  Unfortunately, we can't have that tested through the school.

So we have a few options to explore, to get Kolby tested for various learning disabilities.  I really hope we are able to find some answers and ways to help Kolby.  He just seems so lost, academically. He struggles so much. There is something missing that keeps him from displaying the information from his brain to his written work.  Then he gets so frustrated and feels such failure, that he doesn't even want to try.  This isn't only hard on Kolby, but on everyone who is trying to help him.

Even though today was a very difficult today for me, because I felt such personal failure at every single thing that was mentioned, I know that we are all working hard for Kolby.  I hope that someday, he can see how much we are trying, and appreciate it.  Right now, he just sees a lack of free will, annoyance at authority, and feeling like he is terribly mistreated.  That probably makes him a normal kid, right?

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Jude said...

I don't, obviously, know Kolby personally, but have you looked into the possibility that he has dyspraxia? Some of the stories I read on your blog I can relate directly to one or both of my sons; one has dyslexia and dyspraxia and the other has Aspergers. They found school difficult because they couldn't cope with the discipline - mainly the sitting still for hours on end - but also keeping up with the writing. Good Luck. I know how frustrating it is for you too. Jude.x