Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday I had to take Keaton, Kolby, and Kennedy back to the dentist for some followup work.  I had previously arranged for a friend to watch Kimble, so that I didn't have a repeat of "waiting room chaos" like we had prior.

Two days before, my friend had to cancel, and couldn't watch Kimble anymore because her boys were sick.  I advertised for another friend to watch Kimble, and found one.  All was set.

At 7am, the five of us left the house.  I drove Keaton to his garbage route, to make sure it got done before we left (see picture) and then we headed to my friend's house to drop off Kimble.

At 7:20am, Kimble and I knocked on my friend's door.  She opened up the door and welcomed us in with a smile.  I left Kimble's carseat (just in case she needed to go anywhere) and removed Kimble's shoes. I explained a bit about how he needs to be taken potty, he has a sandwich in his backpack for breakfast (he like turkey and mayo for breakfast...go figure) and that he has a change of clothes should accidents happen.  I explained that I should be back before 11am, and that I'd text her updates on that timeline.
Through all of this, she smiled and commented when appropriate, and then waved me goodbye as I left Kimble and drove off.
I got 10 minutes down the road (the dentist was another 20 minutes north) and about smacked my head with my own stupidity.  I had just dropped Kimble off at the wrong friend's house!!  She wasn't supposed to watch Kimble at all.  It was another friend just down the street from her, that said she would watch Kimble.
I quickly called her.  She pleasantly answered "Hello".  I replied "I can't believe I just did that!  You aren't supposed to be watching Kimble! I dropped him off at your house instead of Amy's!  Why didn't you say anything?"
She said she figured she must have been the one to make the mistake, and happily took Kimble.  Can you believe it? What a great friend.  Did I mention that it was just after 7am?  I felt like  such an idiot.  Meanwhile, my other friend, Amy, was probably sitting by her front door, waiting for me to drop off Kimble.
So as soon as Kimble finished his sandwich, she walked him down and deposited him to the right friend's house, to play until we were done at the dentist.
I'm an idiot.


Shannon said...

That's hilarious! Made me chuckle. What a great friend to be so gracious.

Sue5007 said...

How embarrassing. You have great friends!