Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh Kimble

Things that Kimble loves right now.
1.  He loves to take a bath, but usually doesn't last very long in it.  He doesn't like to have his hair washed, but loves to help "washa washa" his body.  He likes to invite all of his toys, trains, cars, and blankets to accompany him into his bath.
2.  We made up a potty song that we sing whenever we take Kimble potty.  It delicately suggests how he can push the poo-poos out and if he goes in the potty, he'll get big treats. Kimble likes to sing along, and add a jazzy "yeah" at the end of the song.  Well, Kimble is finally starting to poop in the potty, and therefore, we must do as the song says, and give him big treats.  Today, he helped me make cookies.

3.  Kimble loves to say "Take a picture, mommy", but when I get the camera set up, and tell him to smile, he gives me every other facial expression except for a smile.

4.  He is in the "clothing optional" phase, and rarely wears anything besides undies (I still call them panties, and so does Kimble, which I love.) unless we go out of the house.  So, he has a dilemma, because he really likes to use pockets to hold (or loop through) his treasures, such as his toy cars, quarters, or his wand.  I caught him holding his wand through his undies, and laughed.  He is so funny.

5.  Running errands is difficult, as Kimble takes the term "running" literally, and likes to escape the cart, or my arms, and high-tail it down the aisles.  Boy, he's a fast one!  So, I found this big sucker for 50 cents, and bought it for him.  He was super content to sit in the cart, licking his sucker.  He didn't try to escape once.   Best 50 cents ever spent.

6.  Above anything else, Kimble prefers to be naked.  Also, he loves to watch Netflix on the kindle.

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Angie said...

I totally had the rule that if you were good during the store trip you got 1 or 2 quarters for the machines. Best quarters I ever spent.