Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poop Happens

I've been potty training Kimble for a while now.  Almost a month.  During that time, Kimble learned quickly how to pee in the potty, but he didn't grasp onto the same concept when it came to poop.  This frustrated me beyond belief.
I know how to potty train kids. I take a bit of pride in always being able to offer advice to other moms to get their kids to quickly become potty trained.  This time, however, I had exhausted all of my efforts, when it came to teaching Kimble to poop in the toilet.
He would poop in his pants, in the corner, outside on the trampoline, on the couch, in the bath, on the floor of his room...but he wouldn't poop in the toilet.
I tried every trick in the book. I offered every reward I could think of.  I showed him what to do. I explained everything.  I gave punishments for the messes he would make. Nothing phased him.  He even had to sit on the potty, in the corner, for a long time, after pooping in his pants.
Well, nothing I did changed anything, but still we tried.  I would sit with him for half the morning, next to him as he was on the toilet.  We'd read stories and sing songs and I even made up some great "poopy tunes" to get him to do it. He held strong, and wouldn't poop. Then after getting up and moving on with my responsibilities, I'd discover that Kimble would have just pooped in his pants.  Arg!!
F.I.N.A.L.L.Y...yesterday we had success!  Kimble pooped in the potty!!!

You have no idea how happy I am to have finally crossed over that mountain.  Now we can move on...and hopefully I'll not have to make any more posts about poop and pee!!
We took this picture in post-poop-in-the-toilet-happiness, and I love the look on Kimble's face. Pride!  Yeah baby! You did it!!  I, however, look like I'm 13 years old.  Although I don't mind looking young, I don't want to look pre-pubescent!  Ha!

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