Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sentences To Build A Blog Post On

There is an empty space on our bedroom wall where The Husband's road bike staked claim; it is now sold.

My wedding ring is practically falling off my finger most days; perhaps I should have it resized.

I'm washing our bedding today and I'm practically giddy for bedtime; I love clean and fresh bedding.

Somehow my purse got locked in our van yesterday, as it sat in our garage, so The Husband came home early to unlock it, then we couldn't find my keys in my purse, only to discover them on the floor of our bedroom; Guess I didn't really lock the keys in the van afterall.

Keaton came home from school yesterday and said "Mom, we gotta talk about puberty!  I'm going through it NOW!", then he showed me some deodorant and emphasized that he needed to use that everyday, now that he was becoming a man; 5th grade puberty lesson went well.

We are trying out some new food storage products, namely freeze-dried meats, peanut butter, fruits, and eggs; all are Honeyville products and of the ones we tasted, they are fabulous.

After years of not interpreting (sign language), I was suddenly called upon to use it last week at church; I was totally unprepared, mentally, but got into the groove pretty quickly.

My sister had a baby recently; I'm desperate for newborn love.

My hair is too long to feel cute and too short to pull back; constantly annoyed with it but desperate to grow it out.

I have a kindle (my Christmas present) and I finally downloaded a book to read for pleasure; it seems I'm too busy to read.

The  Husband's job is in jeopardy of the government sequestration that is going on right now; looks like we'll need to find some supplemental jobs rather soon.

In lieu of the prior sentence, I'd really love to find some writing job; in lieu of the previous sentence before the prior sentence, I'm too busy to look.

Potty training is complete; poop training is deficient.

I hate my eyebrows; that's all.


Shavonne said...

Wish we were closer so you could enjoy some newborn Snuggles! And I think you should look for a writing job- you are so talented with that!!

courtney said...

When I feel that I can't stand my hair and need to cut it but I'm growing it out, a nice tattoo does the trick! :)