Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Facebook Edition: March 2013

Heath saw a news report last night that stated that women weigh more now than they did 50 years ago because they do less vacuuming and laundry. So not only did it state that women were fat, but that they were lazy too. I'm sure a man wrote the article

Kimble asked me "Where are you going, momma?" I replied "nowhere". He said "I want to go nowhere!" Poor baby doesn't understand that 'nowhere' means we are staying home.

The kids have call-signs, to use with their walkie-talkies. Short stuff, Bacon, Blueberry, Porkchop, and Chewy. Any guesses as to who is who?

Kimble's echocardiogram went great! His heart continues to grow and adapt and is currently functioning wonderfully. We will schedule another Cath/MRI in June and re-visit the option to reverse The Glen (the re-routing of half his bloodflow to bypass the heart that he had when he was 7 months old) and have his heart function the same way yours and mine does. We'll see what the year brings!

Everytime Kimble drops a toy, he says "woopsiedaisy". I could listen to that forever. So sweet.

It's bad enough when you go to the bathroom and realize, too late, that you are out of toilet paper. It's even worse when you forgot to replace the toilet paper, and you find yourself in the same predicament again.

Heath said he wanted to come home today after work and clean the bathrooms. The love meter definitely spiked!

I tried to re-create the hairstyle from yesterday. Epic fail. So much so, that I had to re-wash my hair and dry it again. Dang.

It’s 10:18 am, and even with Kimble trying to wake up the kids (he woke us up at 7am) and the smoke detectors going off because of bacon being cooked, the kids are still downstairs sleeping soundly. First day of spring break.

Our piano just played a few menacing chords all on its own. There must be a musically haunting ghost sharing the room with me.

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