Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weather Craziness

It's been terrible spring weather around these parts.  For the entire month of April, we've had winter storm warnings and blizzards and wind advisories and cold temperatures.  Today, we finally had some beautiful weather, and I think it got above 70 degrees!  I was outside taking pictures of some things to list for Etsy, and Kennedy joined me. 

She walked over to our garden boxes and said "I wonder why my tomato plant hasn't grown!  Maybe it's because I haven't watered it...ever."  Then she walked into the house, filled a cup of water, and poured it over her dirt mound, which I'm assuming covers her tomato plant.  Think it'll grow?


courtney said...

You should buy a tomato plant and put it in her pot one day just after she has watered it....I think it would be funny!

Jude said...

:-) I'm with Courtney on that one! :-) Jude.x