Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wind Day

We got a blizzard advisory for last night, warning everyone of the big storm that would include high winds.  About 6pm last night, we felt a change in the weather and could see the storm rolling in.  All night long, the winds got worse and worse and I felt, at times, like how Dorothy felt in the tornado-blown house.  I had  a very difficult time sleeping, and kept checking outside to make sure our entire world hadn't  blown away.
I checked on our chickens and on our trampoline, sure that one or both would blow away.  Early in the morning, we saw that the wind had indeed moved our trampoline all the way across our yard, and wedged it between our corner tree and the basketball hoop.
I'm glad it didn't lift it up over the fence.  We've seen wayward trampolines on roads and empty fields, after windstorms, and we didn't want to lose ours the same way!
All the schools in the area ended up having a "snow day" because of the danger of the winds, which continued throughout the morning and then tapered down for the rest of the day.  The kids spent the day playing nicely and having competitions on the wii.  It was our 2nd snow day this year, and kind of nice to have.


Sue5007 said...

You must have gotten our storm. It was pouring rain and super windy in Utah for two days. Finally, today we have sun and the wind is more like a strong breeze. You are really lucky it didn't blow your tramp away!

Jude said...

Wind!!! I hate wind; can cope with anything but wind... I don't know how I'd survive if we had winds that strong - ours are usually pathetic compared to "taking a trampoline across a garden" strength winds! Garden fencing blown down, or rubbish bins blown over are usually the worst we get, and that is faaar to much for me! :-) lol Jude.x