Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bread and Water

Today we got a big rainstorm, and it lasted throughout the day.  I love rainstorms, but most especially thunder storms.  The smell of freshly fallen rain and the sound of thunder booming in the distance, (sigh) it makes me happy.
Today, in honor of such lovely spring weather (we don't get many rainstorms here), I baked a few loaves of bread.  Freshly baked bread is a weakness of mine.  So  heavenly.
When the kids came home, they each got a fat slice  of bread, with a generous helping of  honeybutter.  Delicious.
Then they played outside for a while.  It was raining off an on at this point, but they didn't care.

They took advantage of the big water puddle in front of our sidewalk, and had fund riding their bikes through it and splashing around. Kennedy borrowed Kimble's bike and had fun riding through the puddle and making lots of backsplash.

It was a great day to play outside.  Hopefully Spring is here to stay!

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