Thursday, May 16, 2013

City Cleanup

We started noticing strange occurrences around out city this week.  There were piles of trash, discarded household items, bulk piles of giveaway things, and evidence of yard cleanup in the works.  So we figured out what was happening. It was a city-wide cleanup.  There was a schedule of when to put out your piles, and the city would come clear it away free of charge.  You could also put out items you wanted to give away, and people would come around and swipe it if they wanted it.  A Win/Win situation.
So we did some investigating and discovered that our neighborhood pickup was scheduled for the next day.  The Husband decided it was a perfect opportunity to get rid of the huge pile of wood, branches, leaves, and old Christmas trees we had cornered on our side yard.  We got all the kids out there, each outfitted with gloves and rakes and wheel barrels, and we busted through the debris to get it relocated from our backyard to our  front side yard so the big front loader could scoop it up.  Here is a picture of the new pile, ready for pickup.

Kamy and Keaton are standing in the spot that was overfilled with the debris, and in the final stages of getting cleaned out.

It felt so nice to get it all cleaned up!  Horray for city cleanup!

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