Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kolby Top Five!

The last week(s) of school provide for little learning, a lot of chaos, many fieldtrips and activities, lots of movies and parties, and also some award ceremonies.  I think I could win the "proudest mom" award when I saw that Kolby received an award as one of his school's top five students. Kolby's category was "most improved in reading and writing".  Seriously.  So proud.  He isn't highest in any of his courses.  He doesn't have the greatest grades.  Scholarly work is very difficult for Kolby.  So by being "most improved", it showed that even with his struggles, he has made the most progress.  Well done!


Joolz said...

That is fantastic - his smile says it all! Go Kolby!

Cheers - Joolz

Sue5007 said...


Patti S. said...

Congrats, Kolby!! I know how much hard work went into earning this reward. Great job!!! Keep it up!!!