Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Day Of School

Oh, it's the last day of school.  It seems early, but then again, they go back to school the first week in August, so it balances out.  I like to compare pictures from the first day of the school year, Found On This Blog Post, and I see the most difference with Kolby and Kennedy (whose front teeth grew during the school year!)
To celebrate with them, I got up early (with The Husband) and we made them a special breakfast.  They only had half a day of school, so it was just a few hours of fun before the year would be over. I LOVE this next picture of the school-age kids!

I really like that one of Kamy and Kennedy, too!  As a thank you gift to the kids' teachers, which is far less than they deserved, we (and by "we" I mean "I") spent about 5 hours the night before baking tons of cookies.  We (I) made three different batches of cookies, in varying flavors, and packaged them up for their teachers, with a note that said "Thanks to you we're smart cookies!"

Last day of school.  Sigh.  Let the summer begin!

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Sue5007 said...

Such great photos! How nice of you to make all those cookies. Cute idea. :)