Monday, May 6, 2013

More Kimble Antics

Kimble loves to run errands, and he chooses the word "run" to be done literally.  He is tough to handle in stores now, as he is always escaping.  Of course, running from momma is a time honored tradition with little ones.  Kimble is no exception to that rule.  That being said, I don't know what I'm going to do when he's not with me all the time.  My sister mentioned that he would be going to school in a year or two. What?  I can't think about that right now.
The other day, I looked up from sewing, and saw this little guy staring down at me through the basement window.  Of course, he was being watched  outside by Kamy, but it was surprising to see him there standing all alone.  That, and he was only in his undies.  This kid never keeps clothes on!

One reason why I don't stress about the clothing too much, is that it's easier for Kimble to go potty on his own, when he doesn't have lots of clothes to remove, which is still a bit of a struggle for him.  So, we keep to the bare minimum most times, and he is doing so great with going potty...and finally, he is succeeding in going poop in the toilet too. I think he's officially potty trained now (except for nighttime) and he excitedly says "Momma...I went poopoo!  Now you make cookies for my treats!"  Seriously, I've been making cookies every day for him.  Good job Kimble!!

Kimble loves to give me kisses...and I love giving him kisses.  He's got the softest neck to nuzzle and tickle as I give him kisses.  I love him so much.

Kimble has taken to hiding in our laundry basket.  I remember hiding in my parent's laundry basket too, when I was a young kid.
Nap time is still very important around here.  I enforce it strongly, but there are still some days where naps don't happen, due to schedules and errands.  On those days, we can definitely notice a difference with Kimble's attitude, and energy levels. He needs his naptime.


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