Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Purse Design

I had this idea for a purse.  I really wanted it to be a smaller purse than the one I've already designed.  I still wanted it to be a cross-body purse, and I wanted a flap cover.  So, I drew a picture of my design, and then set to work creating a pattern.
After using some cheap muslin and figuring out the dimensions, I thought I was ready to use some real fabric.  This is the purse I ended up making!  So cute!


I really like it, but when I filled it up with my stuff and put it over my shoulder, it was pretty bulky on my hip and I was sad.  Then I had the idea that it needed to be a backpack, or worn as a sling over the shoulder...I like that idea.  Now to go back to work adjusting the pattern so it'll work in that new way.  We'll see what develops!


Sue5007 said...

Love that the flap tucks in underneath the bow. So cute!

Jude said...

That's really pretty... Jude.x

Alissa Maxwell said...

Okay, this looks like a MUCH awesomer version of my favorite bag that I used for YEARS. I recently swtiched, but am looking for something similar again for summer outings. Love the crossbody option for chasing kids or walking trails.
I will be watching for when you get your version on etsy!

Kristie said...

I like this pattern. Any chance you are going to release it as a pattern in your etsy shop?