Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Facebook Edition: April 2013

Had dentist appointments for all the kids this morning. They saved Kimble for last. After waiting over two hours, he did NOT cooperate. They wondered why. I have to figure that they don't have children. That's the only way I can keep from saying what I want to say.

Had an official IEP meeting at the school for Kolby. Alot of issues were brought up. Hope he can improve.

Crazy wind storm actually caused all the school districts to cancel school. (Practically unheard of for our district to cancel school!) Kamy is terribly disappointed because she had large group choir competition AND two drama performances this evening to participate in (A Mid Summer Night's Dream). Now everyone gets to sit at home and "be bored".

Kimble's latest thing includes saying with sad eyes and a pouty lip "you are making me cry!" if he gets in trouble or reprimanded.

During a very quiet moment in Sacrament Meeting at church today, Kimble bursted through the chapel doors and announced loudly "I went potty momma!"

Yesterday I walked into my bathroom to find Keaton hunched over a mirror, plucking away at his eyebrows. "There is just this one unruly spot that's been bothering me for years." When I tried to take a picture, he wouldn't let me and said I would embarrass him "just like I always do". Hmph.

This morning's interrupted dream: I was sent to the moon to test out a homestead for chickens that was created by a man who had been living there alone for years. I was shocked to see that the moon was only about a square block in size, but had a blast jumping around without the annoyance of gravity, and I took lots of pictures for instagram. Unfortunately, we discovered that chickens don't like to lay eggs on the moon.

Oh Survivor. You put on a good show.

As I was sitting in the school auditorium, waiting for Kamy's play to begin, and reading a book, a teacher mistook me for a student and tried to "shoo me on my way".

Kennedy: "I'm afraid of open doors." ?? Crazy girl.

Kennedy: "Momma, do you hear that bird? If I act like a worm, will it try to eat me?"
Me: "No. You are too big to be a worm."
Kennedy: "But what if it still tries?"
Me: "Then you say 'I'm not a worm, you silly bird."
Kennedy: "Birds can't talk, mom."

Kimble just snuggled against me and said "you my best friend, mommy."

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Patti S. said...

Love Kimble's comment during your Sacrament meeting - priceless! And I still can't believe that clueless dentist. Hmm, time for a pediatric dentist????