Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Switcheroo

Yesterday The Husband and I were busy all day.  It was the first Saturday in a long while that we were realatively free, and so we took advantage of a few home projects.

First up, I really needed to do something about the kids' rooms.  They needed a deep cleaning and organization.  Dressers, closets, beds, shelves...everything needed to be gone through.

We also wanted to switch around some kids, into different bedrooms.  Thus far, Kamy and Kolby were in one room, and Keaton and Kennedy were in the other, with Kimble in the main level bedroom, which doubles as the guest room.  Kimble is always trying to sneak downstairs to be with the kids, so we thought we'd try out a new arrangement.

We decided that Kennedy and Kmble would share a room, and we'd put Kamy, Keaton, and Kolby together.  The guest room would be exclusively a guest room, ready for all those visitors that are sure to come...  We just wish we had a 5th bedroom, because Kamy could have her own room, but she doesn't mind sharing with the boys. She actually wanted to share with Keaton, so it works out.

To help solve the bedding problem of having three in one room, but only having two sets of bunkbeds, I had The Husband cut apart one set of bunkbeds, and we got them positioned in the two rooms. We brought down Kimble's little bed, and we went through every single thing in the bedrooms, including clothing, toys, books, and all the crap they had hidden.  It was a big job, and it took all day.  The thrift store was gifted about 7 bags of clothing/toys/shoes, and my washing machine was on overdrive for two days, with all the stuff we found hidden and shoved in and around their rooms.

I forgot to take some before pictures, but I'll try to take some after pictures soon, and update this post with pictures.

The other thing we needed to do was replace the spark plug coils on the van...and by we, I mean The Husband.  He had Keaton be his helper, and they got it done with relative quickness.  This is the second time we have had to replace the back coils on the van, and so The Husband knew what to do.  I'm so thankful that he can fix almost anything (so far) on our vehicles. It sure helps save us money!

The third thing we did was get our interior wall paint matched up from the one remaining paint bucket the previous owners left us.  We have many walls throughout the house that have become the canvas to many a child's artwork.  We didn't paint anything today, but knowing we have the right paint color was a big check off for our To Do list.

Sigh.  We went to bed feeling very accomplished.

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