Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sometimes these boys get along great.  Other times they don't.  That's what brothers are for, I think.  I didn't always get along with my siblings when we were growing up, but I think that's expected.  I now have the perspective of an adult, looking back on my childhood, and I hope I can pass wisdom onto my kids in telling them that even though they argue...even though they get into each other's stuff...even though they may hate sharing a room...there will be a time when they realize how important they are to each other and appreciate that fact that they have an automatic best friend.   This moment, when they were playing in the sprinkler on a hot summer day, I want them to remember.  Having a brother is a good thing.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Father's Day

I'm so grateful that I have this man in my life!  He is an amazing husband to me and an amazing dad to his kids.  He tells them all the time that he didn't have a dad growing up, and that made him realize more than anything else that it is important for kids to have a dad, and he is going to be part of their everyday life.  From teaching them how to fix the car, the proper way to stack wood, or how to set up a tent...he is right there with his kids.  I love that.  I had the same kind of dad growing up, and I'm so glad that our kids can experience that too.  Happy Father's Day to the man in my life.  The Husband.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heart Baby Reunion

Every six months or so, we try to get together with our heart families.  These two families mean everything to us and we are so lucky that we can share our experiences and depend on each other.  This time, we met up at Chance's house for a potluck BBQ and backyard fun.

The kids had fun soaking themselves and eachother with water squirt guns.  We also played some volleyball and crochet and of course, there was lots of re-connecting and conversations going on.  The next time we get together, it will be  for our next Blanket Drive Donation in November, when our boys will be 4 years old!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Swim Of Summer

One of our friends invited us to her community pool to spend the afternoon playing and swimming.  It was the kids' first swim of the summer, and boy were they excited to go!   We pulled out all of our arm floaties and goggles.  The pool office also had some floatation devices the kids could borrow.  I'm completely and crazy nervous whenever my kids get around water, especially in an overcrowded pool, so it's not really much fun for me, but the kids had a great time.  There was a nice kiddie pool that Kimble "swam" in most of the time, so everyone was happy.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Remember me?

It's been a while.  I really want to blog.  I have plenty of posts/pictures to blog about.  I'm just busy. School ended and my workload doubled!  I'm trying to balance being a fun summer mom with needing to sew like crazy for the markets I have coming of which is now less than 2 weeks away and hopefully will be a H.U.G.E. show...thus I am prepping big-time to make sure I have enough product.

The kids are growing.  They all seem so big now. They are independent (especially Kimble, who likes to "escape" the house and wander around the neighborhood...oh he causes me anxiety!) and want to swim and play everyday but are sadly limited by my "work schedule".

We've got a very busy July planned.  I hope to be able to do some catch-up blog posts, but it probably won't happen until June ends.  Just wanted you all to know that we are safe and happy...and busy!!

Oh..and that 'blogging every day of the year' goal that I had?  Well, I guess I failed at that. Too bad.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Birthday

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, and with the weather being gorgeous, and feeling this pressing urge to do the Manitou Incline again, I got up bright and early to hike it.  Luckily, I have a husband who always wants to join me, and we thought the boys were ready for it, so the four of us did it together.  It was quite a popular hike for hundreds of others too, and we had to park way down at the start of the town to find a parking space, and thus had to hike over a mile just to get to the beginning of the Incline.

I was feeling confident (like I always do at the start of the Incline) and was ready to begin my birthday with a bit of hard work and sweat.

As always, it's a hike that is tremendously difficult, and I wanted to stop every step of the way...but we kept at it.  Actually, Kolby found it very tiresome, and by the time we reached the bail out point, where the Barr Trail zigzags next to the Incline, Kolby opted to stop.  He waited there until we finished, and hiked back down to him.  He wasn't alone, however.  There are tons of people who only hike to that point, and wait for their companions, so he enjoyed conversing with them, and watching all the hikers go up and down.

Keaton, The Husband, and I finished!  We separated from each other on the Incline, each going at the speed with which they were comfortable.  Keaton kept saying "I've just got to finish, cause if I don't, I'll be so disappointed in myself", and so he kept on going.  He was thrilled to reach the top!

After hiking down, and making it back to our van, we went home to Kamy, Kennedy, and Kimble.  We all got ourselves ready and then we drove up north to Fox Run Park to BBQ and picnic with some friends who were celebrating being "over the cancer hump" and on the road to recovery.  After some food and play time, we went to another section of the park and played a bit in the streams.

The week after this, our city had another wildfire, which bordered this park.  Luckily, it did not spread through to the park, but sadly the Black Forest Wildfire burned almost 600 homes.  We were so sad to see this destruction.

After what seemed like a long day already, we came home to prepare my birthday dinner, which I decided to be L.A. Lasagna, simply because we don't have it very often.  Delicious.  Then I got my present, which was a new purse and wallet (which I picked out that morning in Manitou, after we hiked the Incline).  So cute!

Dessert was Key Lime and Macadamia Pie.  So good!!

It was a pretty great day for a birthday!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

14 Years Strong!

Our anniversary was planned months in advance this year, which was super fun to do because we don't often get to do anything for our anniversary.  It's either hard to budget something in, or we've got other things going on, or it's just not feasible to be able to leave the kids, or there is nobody to leave the kids with!

However, this year, we had Nanna.  Nanna is my bestie's mom, and she moved down here to be close to her daughter. In turn, she sorta became my kids' Nanna as well.  So in anticipating our anniversary, we asked Nanna if she wanted to stay overnight with the kids so we could get away.  She agreed!!

The Husband has been longing to take me to a natural hot spring, so we researched some "local" places (meaning within 3 hours away) and we found Antero Hot Springs in the mountains of Buena Vista.  We reserved a little cabin  that had a private hot spring/hot tub and we were super excited to have a little overnight adventure.

Then, about a month later, I found a great deal on Groupon (or Living Social Deals) that had a white water rafting trip for Buena Vista!  I have always always always wanted to go white water rafting.  I bought the deal, then made our reservation for the day we were going to Buena Vista, and we were set!

Here's a picture of us, just before we changed into our "wet" attire for rafting.  We were so excited!

Another rafter took this next picture for us, after we've all gotten instructions and were ready to get our rafts in the water!

Another couple joined us in our raft, along with our awesome guide.  We had a great time talking and laughing and getting really wet and splashed up along the river.  We told everyone we were celebrating our anniversary, and enjoying time away from our 5 kids.  After the trip, our guide gave us a cd of pictures that the company took, as congratulations.  So now our trip is recorded for posterity.  We had such a great time.  Heath and I are the two up front!

It was a great afternoon.  Afterwards, we drove 15 minutes or so down the road and checked into our cabin.  Then we enjoyed dinner at a Mexican restaurant before heading back to the cabin for the night.   This was the road we took. Just beautiful!

We soaked a few times in our private hot springs tub throughout the evening and morning, enjoying the fresh air and loving the nature all around us.  We highly recommend Antero Hot Springs, if you are looking for a little getaway.  They have three cabins (we had the smallest one named The Cottonwood, but it was plenty big for our family..should we bring them with us next time) and they book up fast, so make your reservations plenty early enough! FYI, they don't have any tv or stero or anything of the kind, and our cell phones didn't have coverage up there.  We had planned on renting a movie and watching it, with rootbeer and popcorn (one of my favorite treats) but couldn't.  Not to be saddened, though...we found stuff to entertain ourselves!  Next time, we'll bring our laptop if we want to watch something.

Just behind the cabin, through a little meadow, was the river/stream.  It was moving fast and very cold, but so peaceful to sit and watch!  We explored the area a bit, before we left the cabin, and took more pictures!

It still being early, we weren't quite ready to drive back home, so we continued down the lovely country road, more into the mountains, and looked for some spots to hike around.

We passed many more hotspring accommodations, some of which were camp sites, and others were ranch-like places.  All very cool.  We saw plenty of wildlife, including this deer who was sitting over a log...going pottty.

We decided to hike up Agness Vaille Falls, because we heard it was a lovely waterfall.  It was a really nice hike, and for most of it we followed the little stream, which was the waterfall runoff.

We were able to hike right up to the base of the falls.  You can see The Husband standing at the base of it, with me a bit further away.

We didn't take any more pictures, but we hiked a bit more, explored some of the other Hot Springs locations, had an amazing breakfast at a local place in town, and then we headed back home, which was just over 2 hours away.  We LOVED our little 24 hour excursion.  Our kiddos were happy with Nanna, and everything worked out great!

Friday, June 7, 2013

First Week of Summer

 The first week of summer brought a change in our schedules.  The kids didn't have to be out the door for school at 7am anymore, so they could now sleep in.  It also meant that they could stay up later, and with all the kids home during the day, it also proved difficult for Kimble to be willing to take a nap. So we all had to adjust to being together all day long as well.  The "I'm bored" statements began quickly...sooner than I had hoped, so we tried to find some fun things to do together, and individually.

Kennedy (who brought in an extra carseat one night, and buckled herself into it) found a desire to learn sign language. She read from some of the books that I have, and figured out how to spell her name.  She also asked me for a word a day, to learn in sign.

Kimble loved having all the kids home from school, and would often be seen tagging along behind them, saying " for me.  It's me, Kimble!"
Keaton tagged along with me to run errands one day.  He makes for a fun companion.  Out of all my children, Keaton is the most like me, except he is way more talkative than I am.  

He also discovered that his glasses broke, so we had to journey to the eyeglasses store to get a replacement pair.  He was without glasses for two weeks, but he learned his lesson about being more careful with them!

 The Husband and I managed to still take some time for ourselves. We always try to have a date every week, whether we stay home or go out.  Despite his protests, I always want to take pictures of us too.  We make a cute pair, I think.
 In encouraging me to still work out, and in trying to still learn to love running, I asked The Husband to run with me at night.  We only managed to do it one time this week, but hopefully in the future we can make it more of a commitment.
 I allowed one movie per day.  On this day, they all watched Napoleon Dynamite.  Vote for Pedro!
 The next door neighbors often play with our kids out front.  Our rule is that all kids need to play in the front yard, so we see and know what they are doing.  However, these girls have a little 3ft pool in their backyard, and so I made the allowance that they could join them for swimming a few times a week.  Kennedy was most excited to go, and wore her life jacket.  When I asked her if she wanted it loosened, she said "Why? It's perfect".  Haha.

Kamy felt that her hair was getting too long, and so she asked me to cut it. She still wanted it past her shoulders, and thus long enough to still do things with it.  Here is a before...

...and the after.  She was happy with it.  Thus...begins our summer!