Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July

We started off July with some excitement!  Our Make-A-Wish pass, which allowed us a one-time access to some participating theme parks within the year of our Make-A-Wish trip, was about to expire.  We decided to have a fun time in Denver (with an overnight stay at a hotel) over the 4th of July holiday and hit up a Water Park, as well as an Amusement Park.  So with a two day stay, plus swimsuits, plus pajamas, this is what the kids' clothes looked like before I packed them up.

We ;loaded the kids, the cooler, and everything we would need for two days, and we headed out.  We don't have many out-of-town excursions, so we were all a bit excited!  We arrived at the waterpark, locked up our personal items (which included the camera, so we don't have many pictures) and we explored the park.  Among the favorites of the kids was the wave pools.  We spent some time at the "kiddie wave pool" before we found some fun tubing slides to go down. Most of the rides that we went on were "family style" meaning we all fit in the same big tube and we got to stay together.

After a few hours, we came back to our base camp and ate lunch.  I had provided some chicken sandwiches and sides for all of us to eat, and the kids didn't feel like they were missing out on the expensive fast food the park offered.  After lunch, we went to the big wave pool and while the kids all loved it, I was a crazy mess, making sure all my family was accounted for with each big wave drowning them repeatedly creating lots of fun and excitement.  After more rides, more standing in line, and more wave pool attraction, we went back to base camp to eat the remnants of our lunch.  The kids all played again at the smaller wave pool, and before we knew it, the park was closing.  We were a bit bummed, because there was so much more to see and so many more rides to go on, but we will just have to come back another time; probably next year.  We'll watch groupon for a good deal!

Anyway, during the last hour of the park being open, when we were hanging around at the wave pool, we got our camera out of the locker and took a few pictures.  They aren't many in number, because we discovered that our camera battery was dying, but they verify the outing.

After we left WallyWorld, we drove about 20 minutes to our hotel.  We checked in, brought in all our baggage, and then left to find dinner.  After dinner, having done our homework before we left, we drove to the pickup spot for the bus to take us to watch fireworks at this community center park.  We arrived about an hour before the big show, found us a great spot on the hill, spread out our blanket, and we watched the crowds get bigger and bigger as we waited for afterdark.  (Both our cell phones and our cameras were out of battery, so we don't have any pictures, but we had a spectacular time.)  Once the fireworks show was done, we caught the first round of buses back to our car, and from there we drove back to our hotel where the kids crashed after a very long day.

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