Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July...Continued

Good morning!!  Having slept well, and charged up all our cameras and phones throughout the night, we got everyone ready for our next adventure: Elitch Gardens.  First up: Breakfast and pictures.  The kids don't all fit on one bed anymore, so we had kids sleeping on the ground.  Good thing I packed extra blankets and padding!


We arrived at Guest Services, picked up our reserved tickets (Thank you Make-A-Wish) and headed out to the carrousel first.  Elitch Gardens has a great big kid area, where all the rides are kid-sized.  Kolby just hit the cutoff for height, but he was allowed to ride all the rides.  So Kenendy, Kimble, and Kolby had a fantastic time.  The rest of us watched.  lol.  This is how most of the day went, although there were some other rides we, or most of us, were able to go on together.  Some of the rides we all waited in line together and then we formed two groups to ride and swapped out Kimble between rides.

This next picture, is my favorite of the day. Kimble (and Kennedy) absolutely loved the kiddie rides, and had an absolute blast.

We all rode on the huge carrousel, and having waited about 45 minutes in line, as soon as we boarded two separate compartments and started heading up for our first rotation, both Kimble and Kennedy had to go potty.  We spent the rest of the ride hoping no puddles would be left for the next passengers...but alas, all was good.  We visited the restrooms as soon as we were let off the ride!

We went on a log water ride.  There were signs proclaiming "you will get wet!" but we had no idea what that really meant.  At the end of the ride, just before you rounded the corner to return to civilization, a wall of water, along with a decent collection of water sprays, completely soaked everyone.  Soaked.  There is no way you could escape without having every inch of you soggy with water.  Really? Was that necessary?  I didn't think so.  A splash or two here.  A big wave overboard there...but a wall of water?  Blah.  We were all so wet.  It took hours to get dry, and it was a very hot day.  Here is a picture of us just after the ride.  Sopping wet. We were smiling, but really...we weren't very happy.

We were about to head home early, but when we started leaving, we noticed that a magic show was about to start, so we snuck in and got seats and we are so glad we did. It was the best magic show we have ever seen. Very good.  After that, we left and drove back home. The kids were all asleep in minutes and we were happy that we all got to enjoy such a great holiday in Denver.

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