Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Before The Reunion

The day is here!  However, before our reunion begins, we had a visit we needed to make.  Because both The Husband and I grew up here, we wanted to make a special stop at his childhood home before we joined up with my family.  We will see his family (mom, sister, brother, cousins and aunt) next week, but this stop was to see his old property; the place where he spent his days wandering and exploring and working and living.

On the way there, we stopped and took a picture with an old friend.  This giraffe statue is midway between Spokane and Newport (where we grew up) and my siblings and I used to watch for it every time we passed along this particular stretch of highway...which was often.  Sometimes we'd say "I'm not going to look at the giraffe this time!" but when we'd get to it, it was like our eyes  couldn't help but sneak a peek.  "Giraffe!" someone would say, and we would all look to him, forever displayed in a lonely field by the highway.  Hello old friend!  It's good to see you again.

 Not long after the giraffe visit, we turned down another highway and then again down an old country road, to get to The Husband's old property.  Nothing is there anymore. The doublewide trailers and equipment, satellite dishes and fencing, have all been removed.  It's just a lot of old overgrown property.  Heath walked around with the kids, showing them where different trails used to be and where he played "hoops" by a tree with an old steel hoop nailed to it's trunk.  He showed them where he used to practice baseball by throwing rocks in the air and swinging sticks to hit a homer.  It was a bit sad for him, to see the old property.  In this next picture, they are standing where his grandmother's trailer used to be, and where he lived most of the time, to help his Grandmother out.

This was part of the trail between his Grandmother's place and his mother's place.  It is well-overgrown now.

The boys found some flowers to pick.

This is the field where their family garden used to be, and behind it, by the trees, where his mother's trailer was.
 Lots of memories.  I'm glad we were able to take the time to see it again.  Someone else owns it now, or maybe the government owns it. We don't really know, but in order to not get caught trespassing (even though we told the neighboring family what we were doing) we didn't wander around long.

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