Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Family Reunion Day 1

It's time! It's time!  Our much anticipated Weber Family Reunion is here!  I love my Weber Family.  So.Much.So.Much.  My parents, plus their legacy:  10 kids.  8 spouses (one couldn't make it due to military training).  32 grandkids.  1 foreign exchange student.  This makes for a total of 53 people that came together this week.  We decided to go camping as a family, and back in January, we all made our campsite reservations at a local gem called The Mudhole.  It was a place that we went camping/swimming growing up, and we thought it'd be fun to do it again.  We paired up as many families as we could, at the tent sites, planned for sharing food, snacks, equipment and kids (lol).  We had 3-4 nights reserved. Weber Family Reunion will now begin!!

 Before we went to The Mudhole, those of us who wanted to met at a family friend's house to go target shooting.  We all brought our chosen weapons (safely stored in lockboxes and all with valid permits) and ammo, and we set up a target area.  We had ear protection and cold water refreshments for the hot and dusty day.   Here is a picture of our area, with some of the brothers (and inlaws) getting targets set up.

 I was waiting my turn to shoot, while talking with my oldest brother.  I had my gun in one hand and the magazine clip in the other.  We didn't load until the signal was given and everyone was ready and stationary.  It was all very organized and safe, with two shooters at a time.

When it was the kids' turns, we all had helpers to keep everything safe.  They were able to shoot rifles, pistols, and other types of guns.  The kids were all excited to practice shooting and were very attentive to the rules of the activity.

Kimble did not shoot, and he didn't really enjoy the time there (understandably).

After a few hours at the range, we all made our way to set up camp...but our family took a slight detour.  There was another place I wanted to visit in our little town, and that was Golden China...the very best Chinese food restaurant I've ever eaten at.   It was a favorite of ours growing up, and throughout the upcoming week, many of us snuck over to Golden China to partake of it's noodle goodness.  Yum.  We ordered some rice, noodles, and two meat platters, and we ate buffet style.  The kids all loved it.

After we were sufficiently stuffed, we continued on to the campsite.  This is the little road that leads to the campsites.  So densely covered in trees.  We love The Mudhole!

The next few hours were spent welcoming every family as they pulled in...helping each other get all the tents and canopies set up...visiting with everyone and letting the cousins play...and basically getting everything ready for our first night camping.  After all the families were finished with dinner (most of us paired up with another family to share meals during the week, and we had paired up with Sharon and Nancy), we all gathered together in one central campsite.  We had a surprise for our parents!

Kimble was exhausted from the day's activities, and he fell asleep on my lap...a theme that would be reaccurring throughout the week.

Years ago, my mom's wedding ring broke, and the diamond fell out and was lost.  She was saddened by this, and at the time, couldn't afford the extra costs associated with fixing it.  So, she took the pieces of the ring and put it away in a special place.  Fast forward to earlier this of my siblings had the idea to get her ring fixed.  We wanted it to be a surprise, so we didn't let my parents know what we were planning.  For months, the sibling secret op mission was underway, but  one major thing limited our progress:  We couldn't find the ring!  We had local siblings looking through her jewelry box and other places in my parent's bedroom (trying not to get caught!) but the ring could not be found. Finally, we brought my dad in on the secret, to see if he could help us locate the broken ring.

He couldn't find it either, but we did get some clues.  After a lot of searching, one sibling got lucky and found the ring!  It was imediately express mailed to my brother Ian, who brought it to a jewelry store that his wife had previously worked at.  Using her work discount, and all the money that each of us had previously put in a special "ring" account, we were able to fix my mom's wedding ring AND have a new (upgraded) diamond put in it.  The ring was completed just days before the reunion, and on this night, we planned to surprise her with it.

So after welcoming everyone officially to the start of the reunion, we had my dad get up and begin the process of building up to the end result, which was presenting my mom with her new (old) wedding ring!

She was so surprised and so happy and so amazed at our secret mission!  It was a fabulous way to begin our reuion!

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