Friday, June 7, 2013

First Week of Summer

 The first week of summer brought a change in our schedules.  The kids didn't have to be out the door for school at 7am anymore, so they could now sleep in.  It also meant that they could stay up later, and with all the kids home during the day, it also proved difficult for Kimble to be willing to take a nap. So we all had to adjust to being together all day long as well.  The "I'm bored" statements began quickly...sooner than I had hoped, so we tried to find some fun things to do together, and individually.

Kennedy (who brought in an extra carseat one night, and buckled herself into it) found a desire to learn sign language. She read from some of the books that I have, and figured out how to spell her name.  She also asked me for a word a day, to learn in sign.

Kimble loved having all the kids home from school, and would often be seen tagging along behind them, saying " for me.  It's me, Kimble!"
Keaton tagged along with me to run errands one day.  He makes for a fun companion.  Out of all my children, Keaton is the most like me, except he is way more talkative than I am.  

He also discovered that his glasses broke, so we had to journey to the eyeglasses store to get a replacement pair.  He was without glasses for two weeks, but he learned his lesson about being more careful with them!

 The Husband and I managed to still take some time for ourselves. We always try to have a date every week, whether we stay home or go out.  Despite his protests, I always want to take pictures of us too.  We make a cute pair, I think.
 In encouraging me to still work out, and in trying to still learn to love running, I asked The Husband to run with me at night.  We only managed to do it one time this week, but hopefully in the future we can make it more of a commitment.
 I allowed one movie per day.  On this day, they all watched Napoleon Dynamite.  Vote for Pedro!
 The next door neighbors often play with our kids out front.  Our rule is that all kids need to play in the front yard, so we see and know what they are doing.  However, these girls have a little 3ft pool in their backyard, and so I made the allowance that they could join them for swimming a few times a week.  Kennedy was most excited to go, and wore her life jacket.  When I asked her if she wanted it loosened, she said "Why? It's perfect".  Haha.

Kamy felt that her hair was getting too long, and so she asked me to cut it. She still wanted it past her shoulders, and thus long enough to still do things with it.  Here is a before...

...and the after.  She was happy with it.  Thus...begins our summer!


Jude said...

First week? Looks like you've already had enough fun to last the whole holiday! :-) Jude.x

Mags said...

That long hair reminds me of Shavonne.

Becky said...

Holy cow, your kids are getting big!!!