Thursday, July 11, 2013

Headed Off!

It's time for our family vacation!  Weeks have been spent cleaning and organizing and laundrying and repairing and otherwise readying ourselves for a 2.5 week roadtrip!  Our route includes driving to Utah, up to Idaho and Washington, then back down through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming to Colorado again.  We will stay with friends and family members. We will go to amusement parks. We will go camping. We will go farming.  We will spend a lot of time in our trusty van.  So let's get to it!

First up, we thought it would be fun to re-create an old family picture.   This picture was taken circa 1989 or 1990.  It was everyone in my current family, minus my dad who was the photographer (there was one more sibling yet to be born).  We were in Utah on a roadtrip, and we took this picture just before piling into the van for another long day of driving.  We were all supposed to "look cool".   I'm the one with braids, standing next to my mom.

So we took the same for practice, and one with me in it too.

 Just  as a matter of interest, my siblings and parents got together a few years ago and we re-created this childhood picture, minus the van.  So fun.

We gave each of the kids a waterbottle for the trip, which made them extremely happy.  It's the simple things.  Then, we set of for a long day on the road!

 We are easily amused.

We also like to scream through the tunnels!

 I made it a personal mission throughout the roadtrip to survive it, and therefore I made a sign, which I brought out every time I saw a driver texting and pasted it against the window until they looked over and read it.  None of the drivers were pleased to be called out in such a way, but all of them put down their phones.  Stay safe on the road!!  Don't text and drive!

About halfway to our destination, we stopped for lunch.  We let the kiddos play in the park to stretch their legs.  Everyone went potty. We ordered pizza (a cheap way to feed everyone!) and because it was 7/11, we stopped in to 7-11 and got everyone free slurpees.

 We arrived at my sister's house in Utah around dinnertime.  Unfortunately, they had already left to begin their road-tripping adventure as well, and so we borrowed their house for the night (yes, we knew they would be gone) and enjoyed the evening to ourselves.  Day 1 of vacation is over.

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