Monday, July 15, 2013


We woke up early and planned our traveling caravan to drive the familiar route from Idaho Falls to Spokane Washington.  We start in Idaho, go through Montana, hit Idaho again, and then cross over to Washington.  This leg of the trip would be long already, but we anticipated it to be even longer because we had four vehicles all traveling together.  My sister Sharon and her family, my sister Courtney and her family, my sister Nancy, and our family.  So, we shuffled kids around so everyone had playmates.  Kamy and Keaton took turns driving with Aunt Nancy to keep her company, and with lunches packed and gas tanks full, we set off down the road!

Not much happened throughout the trip that was photoworthy.  We drove. We gassed up.  We made many potty stops.  We drove some more.  We celebrated every state border and every freeway transition that got us closer to our destination.

About 3 hours before arriving, we all stopped at a familiar freeway exit that is in the middle of nowhere, and we all got ourselves huckleberry shakes. A tradition.  This refueled us and we were ready for the last leg of our journey.

About dinnertime, we arrived at my sister Rebekah's house, where Sharon, Nan, and I (and our families) stayed the night, and Courtney's family stayed with a friend.  We were excited about the next day:  Silverwood Theme Park!  Our last amusement park courtesy of our Make-A-Wish trip.

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