Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Yay!!  One more theme park!  Growing up, Silverwood was a small theme park about an hour from our house.  We watched it grow over the years to become quite a large park, and in recent years, they have included a water park as well.  So a few of my siblings decided they wanted to join us at Silverwood, before our family reunion officially began.

The park didn't open up until 10am, so we had some time to enjoy the morning.  I love this moment that I caputred with Heath and Kimble, lounging in bed and talking about being a daddy and getting whiskers.   So adorable.

I borrowed this little bow clip from Nancy, to wear, and I loved it so much I took a picture of it so I could recreate it at some point.

We had Courtney and Sharon's families with us, and my sister Shavonne met us there, to spend the day with us.  
 Nancy and I...waiting in line for a ride.

I love to dress my boys alike, especially Keaton and Kolby.  They look alike, and it's easier to keep track of them.  Keaton said "Mom, I think I'm getting too old for you to dress me the same as Kolby.  Ha.

 After we rode some rides for a few hours, we watched a magic show.  It wasn't nearly as good as the one we saw the week before at Elitch Gardens, but it was fun.  Here's a picture of just my sisters, at the stage before the show.

 After the magic show, we all ate lunch (again we brought a picnic lunch) and then we transitioned over to the water park area of Silverwood, where we spent  a few hours going down slides, enjoying the lazy river, getting splashed in the splash zone, and playing in the wave pools.  No pictures were taken, because I had my camera locked up in the lockers, not wanting it to get stolen!

After we were done swimming, we got dressed and went back to the other end of the park to ride some more roller coasters!  Just before we did that, however, we had to honor another tradition. At Silverwood, in the ice cream parlor, we all got a scoop of huckleberry ice cream.  However, what they call "one scoop" is crazy big. Here's a picture of the kids with their ice cream cones.  The one scoop ice cream cones!

 Yum. We all had a hard time finishing them!  We let our stomachs settle after that, by roaming around the kid section of the park, and letting the little ones ride some low-key rides.

Before we knew it, the park was closed. We were actually sad, because there were more rides (and more rollercoasters!) that I really wanted to ride, but there wasn't time. When you are with the whole family and have little kids, it's more important to show them a good day, so that is what happened, and that is just fine.  We had a great day, and as the last amusement park in a line of recent fun-filled days, we were almost happy to see it come to an end. It's exhausting!

We drove back to Rebekah's house to stay the night, and our family reunion would officially begin the next day!

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