Monday, June 3, 2013

Sisters Weekend

After the kids walked out the door for their last day of school, at the end of May, The Husband and Kimble loaded me up in the van and we drove to the airport.  I was escaping for the weekend to be with my sisters!!

 It really worked out perfectly for me to be able to get away, and the same could be said for my other sisters, because each of the 7 original sisters, plus one sister-in-law, was able to meet together this weekend (The other two sister-in-laws were asked to come, but already had other plans).  It was decided within the week, because two of my sisters were already planning a trip to Idaho Falls to meet up with the three sisters that lived there.  So I got a plane ticket to SLC, where I met up with two more sisters, and we drove up to I.F.  Viola!  8 sisters together for the weekend.  While waiting at the airport, I realized that me shoes matched my bag.  Clever me! Matchy Matchy.  Let the weekend fun begin!

 Besides making yummy food, and introducing our sister-in-law Karissa to quaint movies that we grew up on, like Back to the Beach and Happiest Millionaire, we visited with each other, played with the nieces and nephews that accompanied us, and we also made ourselves pajama bottoms!
 We set up some assembly lines for cutting, sewing, hemming, ironing, and adjusting.  Working together, we made quite a team. Here are our lovely jammie pants, all finished.  Good thing we made them, because that is what we wore the entire weekend (except for church).  So comfy!

 We had fun modeling them, as you can tell.

This next picture was a behind the scenes look at what it took to set up our cameras.

 We stayed up late into the night laughing and recreating childhood memories, and playing games, like SPOONS!  We slept on a bunch on mattresses that we threw together on the ground, as well as some comfy couches.  Basically, it was one big slumber party for the whole weekend!

 We played with some funny camera features that distorted the pictures, and played a "guess the sister" game with people on facebook.
 On Sunday, we set aside our jammie pants for a few hours and went to church. Afterward, we took some fun pictures again.

 Here is a picture of just the 7 original sisters, in birth order, and the next one has Karissa in it.  She has never really experienced "the sisters" quite like this before, so I hope we didn't scare her out of the family!  We quite like her!

As always, my sister Kim is my BFF.  I consider all my sisters my BFFs, but she gets my claim to the best of the besties.

We found some finger mustache tatoos, and so we found some props and had fun with more pictures.

 Oh, and then we took some of the wig from Nancy's prop, and placed it on different parts of our bodies for more awkward pictures, and another fun game on facebook of "guess the sister".  By this point, it was well after midnight and we were just plain goofy.
 When I finally had to leave, I arrived at the airport way before my flight, and had the wing of the airport all to myself for a while. It was kinda weird, but it worked out because I got some great time with just me and my book.  Ahhh. It was a lovely weekend. I sure do love my family!!

By the way, The Husband was able to have the weekend off work (Friday-Monday) and he had a great time with the kiddos. They slept out on the trampoline at night, had fish tacos for dinner, went on hikes and BBQs at the state park, and ate ice cream.  It worked out perfectly.


Cassie said...

Every girl should have a bunch of fun sisters like that! I hope my only daughter finds a husband with lots of sisters!

Shannon said...

How fun to have such a group of sisters! Looks like fun--something I've never quite experienced being the only girl in my family!