Saturday, July 13, 2013

Temple Square

We had a few things we wanted to do in Utah, before we continued up to Idaho and Washington.  First up, we went to my brother's house and the kids hung out and played with each other while my sister-in-law Melissa added color and highlights to my hair.  I wanted it a dark auburn.  It ended up being a lot darker than both of us realized it would be, but it was fun, and I've never had my hair colored and highlighted before by someone other than myself, and Mel does a great job with hair.  She also gave me a trim!  We had a great time talking and catching up.  After my hair was complete, we ran a few errands pertaining to groceries, then the family headed to Temple Square in SLC to walk around and enjoy the beautiful day.

If anyone has questions on what we (LDS or Mormons) believe, then please go to to get your questions answered!  Likewise, if you find yourself in Salt Lake, you can walk around Temple Square and visit many buildings and visitor's centers to learn more.

 We didn't have any plans. We just walked around and took pictures.  We showed the kids the old Tabernacle (where The Husband sang for General Conference the weekend we got engaged!) and the new Tabernacle (which they walked through a few years ago during a similar afternoon visit).  We went to a few visitor's centers and enjoyed the beautiful trees/grass/flowers/plants/fountains that make the area so gorgeous.

Then we left and drove to Tooele to stay the night with my childhood bestie, Bethany.   Although we have stayed with her before, it seems like this year, the kids all connected with each other. It was great to see them becoming friends. I hope they are lifelong, just like what I have with Bethany, who coincidentally, never got a picture with me!

Just before bedtime, we walked downstairs to find Kolby with his arm around Claire. They were enjoying a movie and were innocent enough. It was sweet to see them enjoying time together.  They both suffer  from the 3rd child syndrome, so I'm sure they had plenty to share.
 The next morning, we took the standard "kid cousin" pictures, then a few more with Kamy and Amelia, who instantly connected and vowed to have Kamy fly to Utah to stay sometime next summer.  The Husband was a "creeper" in one of the pictures, peering through the doorway crack!

I'm so glad we can get our families together every few years. I sure love Bethany and her family!  After we left them, we headed out onto our next adventure!

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