Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Birthday

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, and with the weather being gorgeous, and feeling this pressing urge to do the Manitou Incline again, I got up bright and early to hike it.  Luckily, I have a husband who always wants to join me, and we thought the boys were ready for it, so the four of us did it together.  It was quite a popular hike for hundreds of others too, and we had to park way down at the start of the town to find a parking space, and thus had to hike over a mile just to get to the beginning of the Incline.

I was feeling confident (like I always do at the start of the Incline) and was ready to begin my birthday with a bit of hard work and sweat.

As always, it's a hike that is tremendously difficult, and I wanted to stop every step of the way...but we kept at it.  Actually, Kolby found it very tiresome, and by the time we reached the bail out point, where the Barr Trail zigzags next to the Incline, Kolby opted to stop.  He waited there until we finished, and hiked back down to him.  He wasn't alone, however.  There are tons of people who only hike to that point, and wait for their companions, so he enjoyed conversing with them, and watching all the hikers go up and down.

Keaton, The Husband, and I finished!  We separated from each other on the Incline, each going at the speed with which they were comfortable.  Keaton kept saying "I've just got to finish, cause if I don't, I'll be so disappointed in myself", and so he kept on going.  He was thrilled to reach the top!

After hiking down, and making it back to our van, we went home to Kamy, Kennedy, and Kimble.  We all got ourselves ready and then we drove up north to Fox Run Park to BBQ and picnic with some friends who were celebrating being "over the cancer hump" and on the road to recovery.  After some food and play time, we went to another section of the park and played a bit in the streams.

The week after this, our city had another wildfire, which bordered this park.  Luckily, it did not spread through to the park, but sadly the Black Forest Wildfire burned almost 600 homes.  We were so sad to see this destruction.

After what seemed like a long day already, we came home to prepare my birthday dinner, which I decided to be L.A. Lasagna, simply because we don't have it very often.  Delicious.  Then I got my present, which was a new purse and wallet (which I picked out that morning in Manitou, after we hiked the Incline).  So cute!

Dessert was Key Lime and Macadamia Pie.  So good!!

It was a pretty great day for a birthday!


Jude said...

Looks like you had a great hike. Love your new bag... soo cute!
So sorry to hear that your area has suffered more wildfires; it's very sad for the homeowners who have lost their house. We've been quite lucky over here this year; we're only 5 miles from the nearest National Park and there have only been a couple of small fires so far - "touch wood" :-D I don't remember them ever getting as big as ones we read about in the USA (and Australia)!
Key Lime and Macadamia Pie? I've not heard of that, so think I need to go and find a recipe!? :-D
Belated Birthday Greetings. Jude.x

Jennsuewild said...

That pie sounds out supper yummy. Glad you had a great birthday.