Monday, September 23, 2013

I'd Like To Catch Up...

So the last time I blogged regularly, the kids were just getting out of school for the summer.  I have tons of pictures (thanks to instagram!) and tons of info on our life happenings, but no time to blog!  I seriously never thought I'd fall behind on my blog.  It's extremely important to me to document our family history.  That being said, I'll for sure get to it, but honestly it probably won't happen until December.

The biggest thing that has been keeping me occupied has been my little business KrinkleKut.  Although I don't have much listed on Etsy, (you can find me on Facebook, too!), I've been super busy locally.  This year, we tried to focus on building KrinkleKut as much as we could, and thus see if it is something we want to continue.  We've made great growth, and are just getting into the super busy season filled with holiday craft shows.  Stay tuned for the results of that.

The kids are all back in school again.

We are exploring options and trying to figure out how to help Kolby have an easier time learning.

Kamy and Keaton are both in middle school.  Kamy has been busy with a regular babysitting job for a neighbor, and Keaton requested to stay afterschool for a weight-lifting class because "I have super skinny arms and I need to get muscles now that I'm in middle school!"

Kennedy has really grown up a lot and she is doing really well in school.

We are exploring the option of having Kimble attend a special needs preschool, and preparing for another surgery.

The Husband has been working very hard for us, but he was one of the (un)lucky workers who were furloughed this summer. It's been difficult.

I can't seem to find any spare time to enjoy the quiet of having kids back in school!  I all the time. I'll be glad when the season is over.

Thanks for sticking around, and for those of you who noticed that I've lacked blog posts, and asked how we were doing, I appreciate it!  Here's a picture of us this summer for you to enjoy!


Melissa G. said...

I was just going to comment this morning that I was missing your bloggings! Glad you're back!

Kim M said...

So So glad you were able to at least let us know that you are all ok. I seem to be the worrying type and when you don't post once in a while I do start to worry. Family comes first and you have alot of little feet to keep up with. God Bless you all.
Sorry to hear about hubby. It has happened to so many of my friends family. Doesn't seem far.

amanda said...

I was missing posts of your adorable family too. I have come back many times for your recipes. I'm so glad that you will be posting again.

steph said...

Love the picture! Can't wait to hear to what you've been up to when you have time to catch up!

Patti S. said...

Kim M said things very well. Hang in there!!!!!

Colleen said...

It's amazing how just when I think I will have more time, I feel like I have less and less! At least you are filling your time with good hard work! Hope to see you soon!